The Croissant Chronicles: Day 1

I’ve taken on the project of making croissants. French pastry has nothin on me!

It’s Day 1 and the anxiety quickly dies down as the water hits the yeast, flour is stirred in, and the timer is set for 1 hour…here we go!

Ever knead dough for 10 min straight? I know 10 min doesn’t sound long…but it is! It’s very long when you’re arms are asking you to stop.

I never realized exactly how much butter is in croissant dough until I made it. It’s a lot! Trust me. And its hard to shape all that cold butter into an 8×8 square.

Folding and folding and turning and rolling…on and on
I was suprised that I finished a little early today. I worked the steps from 11:30am-4:00pm today and now the dough is in the fridge, resting for 24 hours before it can be shaped. I’m covered in flour. I only found out during the last “turn” that it’s easiest to roll the dough out on parchment paper covered in flour (keeps it from tearing and butter squeezing out).
Until tomorrow…

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