Happy New Year!

Cupcakes, and bread, and cheesecake, oh my! It’s been a busy week without internet in my house…and what am I supposed to do without internet? Yep, bake. So I made the chocolate cake batter from Rose’s Heavenly Cakes (the German Chocolate Cake recipe) and the egg yolk-based buttercream frosting. I was so excited because this was the first buttercream I’ve made (trust me, I’ve made too many) that I could actually eat! It didn’t taste or feel like a pure stick of butter! Oh sweet success. So, I made these mini delights, piped on some beautiful golden icing, and topped them with pink sugar sprinkles! So adorable, they look like Easter!

I made two loaves of bread. I made wheat and white. What I’ve learned: you need to be careful when making substitutions because you can’t just make a white bread recipe into a wheat bread loaf…you end up with a brick. Yummm fiber?
Over a week ago I made these super yummy cherry cheesecake bars. They turned out just like the ones mom use to make and then I’d shovel into my mouth when I was a kid (you’ve never seen a dessert vanish off the counter so quickly!). I couldn’t post these due to the aformentioned internet handicap.
My grandma would like for me to mention that I don’t eat all of these desserts myself. I give a lot away and make my younger brother eat most of them :) But it’s so nice to be at my padres’ house so I can make all the desserts I want and not worry about running out of flour.

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