Another Take on Biscotti

Well, I ate the entire batch of biscotti I made in the middle of the night, not too long ago. They were yummy and buttery and, frankly, not exactly traditional biscotti. As I loaded up my cooler for another road trip to Chicago, I realized that all of the frozen baked goods that I had planned on bringing weren’t there anymore…coconut macaroons (I ate them), strawberry-lemon muffins (my neighbor ate them), biscotti (we know what happened to those). So, when I got to my parents’ abode with nothing but a loaf of beer bread and a bag of German Chocolate Macaroons, I knew I’d have to get baking real soon (especially since the G.C.M.s were disappearing quickly once they were unpacked!

(chunks of chocolate, ready to be mixed in)

I made David Lebovitz’s version of biscotti this time. They have nice, large chunks of semi-sweet chocolate and chopped almonds. The best thing about this recipe? No butter! Can you believe it? No butter, no oil…which is of course why I had to make them because they were polar opposite of the ones I had just made (and ate) over a week ago.

(biscotti ready for round two in the oven)

The result? A more traditional biscotti that softens when dipped in coffee (or tea, or hot chocolate…) and a perfect addition to the morning routine. I think I will definitely be making these again and start substituting the ingredients for others (cranberry and pistacchio?) and maybe even dip or drizzle them in chocolate. Granted, the others were yummy, but I just felt so guilty eating them because I knew about all the butter I had used and I would have flashbacks of my hands, glistening and coated with melted butter when I was mixing and molding them.

(tah dah!)

Biscotti without all the guilt; a keeper in my book!

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