White Chocolate Pecan Cookies

Well, I’m done with finals, which means I am officially on summer vacation! Yay…time to bake! Well, I’ve been getting requests from friends for me to share my goods with them, so I’ve decided to bake cookies to share. I usually only make 1/2 batches of everything because I know I can never eat it all, and I end up taking a bite and then throwing the rest in my freezer (yes, my freezer is full of cookies and frosting). So, today was very different because I made a whole recipe of white chocolate pecan cookies, or…friendship cookies! No, that’s not an official title but I’m sure they’ll be called that once they’re passed out! I’m actually really excited about being able to share these because I haven’t been able to share baked goods since my clinical group dissolved.

I’ve noticed that my mind mush is slowly resolving because I didn’t mess up these cookies! That’s very good news. Also, I was very surprised because I always thought that I made reasonably sized cookies that cannot possibly be bigger than a teaspoon-sized gob of dough…until I decided to officially use a teaspoon to drop the dough on the pan. Um no, I’m pretty sure my former cookies were…2 tablespoons worth of dough! I was shocked because the teaspoon made TINY gobs of dough, and adorable little cookies! No wonder all the cookie recipes I read say “makes 3 dozen” and I end up with under 2 dozen. Well, there’s some math skills for ya. I don’t think this adorable little cookie trend will last in my kitchen, but for now, it’s just fine for my yummy friendly cookies. Now, hopefully none of my friends are allergic to nuts…

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