One Last Hurrah

As if it weren’t obvious, I haven’t been able to bake or blog lately. I’ve been caught up in some emotionally devastating…shit…for lack of a better word. I am no longer in nursing school (to make a terribly long story short) and have started soul searching within the last couple days. I am having to think about what I want for my life and my future, and all I know is that I have a family that still supports me, a man who loves me, and a knack for baking. Stay tuned over the next 6 months and I’m sure my life will be polar opposite of what it is looking like now.

(chopped up and sweetened strawberries)
(folding fruit into my batter)

Now, last night as I was heading home from clinical, I got a text reminding me that our last day was coming up and we should arrange something for the nurses as a “thank you.” So, I took it upon myself to do the baking and everybody could just pitch in a few bucks. The idea went over well, as expected, because nobody actually wanted to go to the store at 8pm after a long day in clinical to buy cheap baked goods. Only I would be crazy enough to start a two-hour baking project after an exhausting day! I decided to make some brownies and some delicious strawberry-cranberry muffins. I used the recipe I have used for blueberry muffins in the past, but cut up some strawberries, dusted them with splenda and flour, and used those instead…not to mention Craisins!  I made sure to set one aside for myself for breakfast, and I am so glad I did! Tangy buttermilk, fresh strawberries and tart, dried cranberries… these were so good and I absolutely love real strawberry chunks in my muffins! Success. A baking experience to share with my nursing now-past…if that makes any sense? This was the therapy I needed after such a difficult week.
As for the brownies…don’t tell anyone but they were from a box mix. It took 50 min to bake! I had no time to make the batter from scratch. Not to mention I had only one egg in my fridge after the muffins were made. They were triple-chocolate Ghirardelli brownies so at least I only used the best of the best. As for the dollars that my classmates gave me? Spent some on a frozen yogurt (let’s face it, it’s froyo) date with my friend Jacki. Totally worth being tired after clinical last night.

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