Attune Bars: a healthy chocolate review

So, I’ve been in a very snack-y mood lately. I think it’s because the weather has been changing so much (one day it’s rainy, the next it’s freezing, the next it’s breezy and 75 degrees…ahh). As a result, almost everything I’ve been eating has been small and could be dropped in the “snack food” category. Of course, I’ve tried to keep these snacks as healthy as possible, like yesterday’s snack.
Anyways, here’s a word on Attune bars. I’ve slowly started adding dessert treats back into my diet (they ebb and flow from the picture) and one of the first candy bars I started trying again was this one. They boast a full day’s portion of probiotics in every bar, so you shouldn’t eat more than one. That alone gives you a reason for self control. Plus, they taste so chocolatey. AND they’re gluten free, so for all of you that have allergies or are on a kick, these are for you.

I’ve had both the milk chocolate crisp one which tastes just like a Crunch bar of the Nestle variety, and the mint chocolate, which I just love because those are two of my favorite flavors smooshed together. I can hardly wait to try the dark chocolate because I’m more of a dark chocolate girl than a milk one. But when all is said and done, if you have to have your chocolate fix every day, this is a “healthier” way to do it (and so yummy)!

Strike up a conversation: What snack foods have you been hooked on lately?

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