Little Bread Co: A Review

I have to say, I have always loved Fayetteville’s Little Bread Co (located on Block street) because of their muffins. My dear friend Jessi and I always had a Saturday morning farmers market routine that involved going to the Little Bread Co for muffins and danish and cappuccino before shopping for local produce. This was the perfect start to a relaxing weekend. Thus, I confess, I had never eaten the food that wasn’t considered a baked treat at this local establishment, until now.
Their menu is packed with sandwiches and salads that highlight fresh and healthy ingredients. The sandwiches are big enough for two servings (they are, in fact, two whole sandwiches on a plate). They come with chips and a pickle, so if you are making healthy choices, push the chips aside (or ask them not to put them on your plate to avoid temptation) because you are going to enjoy the local, fresh baked bread on your sandwich instead. I was surprised by how many healthy options were on the menu, and you can always ask for the spread (mayo, cream cheese, etc) on the side to reduce the calorie count.
Practice what you preach: So what did I order? I ordered a salad which was packed with fresh greens, sprouts, carrots, tomato, cucumber, and onion. I asked for them to add turkey to the salad for a punch of protein. I had the balsamic vinaigrette on the side. It was so good! I love sprouts and it was such a huge portion, that a salad was enough food for lunch. My fellow diners ordered sandwiches, including the california turkey (which was my salad in a sandwich form, plus avocado) and the turkey melt (which was real tuna, not the canned stuff).
I’m happy to say I’ll be going back to the Little Bread Co for something other than a muffin now (especially since I don’t really eat those kinds of baked goods anymore, because I can make them healthier at home).

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