Quinoa Banana Pancakes

Lately I’ve been really cracking down on my household’s eating habits. I’ve always been a very healthy eater (as of the last 3 or 4 years), but sometimes you just have to mix it up because the same healthy staples over and over need a new look. This especially goes for the foods I make for my mister. I tend to make two separate meals for every meal because I want him to have the treats that I deny myself…well, I’ve been getting us both a bit more in sync because it’s just easier that way. To do this, I’ve been incorporating a lot more “super foods” into all of our meals, and keeping prepared meals at-the-ready in the fridge.

Here’s a great recipe that totally changes the way you look at quinoa! Quinoa is a perfect food because, not only is it a good carb and gluten-free, but it’s also packed with protein. I make a large batch of it on Sundays and keep it in the fridge, ready to dish out into anything I make. So, inspired by this superfood and my love of breakfast (remember my Breakfast Berry Quinoa?), I’ve decided to make this flour-free recipe for banana pancakes! It’s packed with protein, good carbs (fuel), and vitamins.

Quinoa Banana Pancakes 
(inspired by The Drop10 Diet*)
(makes 1 serving)
1/2 cup cooked quinoa 
2 egg whites
1/4 cup unsweetened almond milk
1 tsp Splenda
1/2 tsp. vanilla extract
1/2 tsp. cinnamon
1/8 tsp. salt 
1/4 banana, diced
Topping (optional):
1/4 banana, sliced
1 Tbs. plain Greek yogurt
1-2 tsp. maple syrup 

~Combine all of the ingredients for the pancakes in a bowl. Heat your skillet. Pour the batter into 3 pancakes, and cook 3 min on each side.
~Top with suggested topping, or toppings of your choice!
*If you need a change from your eating habits or if you feel like you’re doing all you can but you just can’t loose those last few pounds, I highly recommend this book. You don’t have to follow the diet, but just incorporating the suggested foods into your everyday meals will help you morph into a healthier you! It has great information about the power of food and disease prevention, and you’ll feel really excited just to make your meals again!

Strike up a conversation: Are you in a food rut? How do you usually get out of your ruts?

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  1. says

    Jenny, Your question has left me really thinking. I haven’t tried any ways that omit the egg whites, especially since they are the only binder in this recipe. I’m also not totally sure which foods would and would not be acceptable for your diet, so I’m not quite sure what to say. In my head, what comes to mind, is to use an egg substitute which they sell at the grocery store. Or, I’m not sure if this would work because I have NOT tested this out, but maybe you could try pureeing banana or pumpkin and then mixing the quinoa and ingredients in, and being very careful when you griddle them, and maybe they’ll turn out more like cake-pancakes? Please let me know if you find a solution or if this works!

  2. says

    Thanks Melissa. I will try them with ener-g or with flax seed. It is my understanding flax seeds work as a binder. Thanks for your reply! I’ll keep you posted. May try them for tomorrow’s breakfast.