A Few Bites of Denver

Well, the mister and I went to Denver, CO for the weekend to visit my family. I had every intention of typing up a post while I was there and sharing a recipe with everyone on Monday, but alas I cannot find the recipe that I wrote down and put somewhere in my luggage…so I can’t share that with you just yet. So, I thought I would share just a couple photos of treats I ate this weekend while I continue to look for that darn recipe (don’t ask why I still insist on jotting down recipes on post-its as I make them up in the kitchen, then not have a back-up for them once they’re “final”)!

On Friday, we took a break from packing and visited an adorable Vegan Bake Sale in Memphis. I was so excited because I was on Twitter (@melissakarras) at the right time and won a free baked good! I treated myself to this amazing peanut butter chocolate chip blondie! I NEED the recipe because it was amazing!
Part of packing for a trip involves prepping all of the fruit left in my fridge and freezing it so it doesn’t spoil and so I can make smoothies and oatmeal dishes when I get back! 

 My grandma had a huge rhubarb cake waiting on the counter when we arrived in Denver! This is so delicious, I could eat it instead of breakfast, lunch, or dinner!

 Why stop at rhubarb cake when you can have rhubarb crumble too?? Can you guess what my grandma has growing in her back yard? Give you a hint: it’s staring at you in these photos!

 A bowl of mangos were waiting on the table. They were perfect with Greek yogurt to start the day!

That’s only a tiny tid-bit of what I consumed this weekend. I had a great trip home to see my family and am dreaming about the next time I’ll be able to visit again.

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