That Vanilla Isn’t Gone Yet!

Today I have a quick tip for you! First of all, you know to only use real vanilla extract, right? Not the “imitation” extract? Right? Ok, just checking.

Unless you’re making Milk Bar’s Birthday Cake Crumb…because Tossi begs you to use the fake stuff, so give into her this once.

Moving on, when you use nice vanilla, it’s always sad when it’s gone. I love using the vanilla paste, so it’s very thick and has real vanilla specks in it. So, because it is so thick, when the bottle is empty you know that there is a thin layer of vanilla left on the inside of the jar and the underside of the lid.
Look at all of those vanilla specks in that water!
TIP: DO NOT rinse out the jar and stick it in your stock of beautiful jars so soon!
Fill the jar with water, close the lid tight, shake it vigorously, then place it in the fridge until you need flavor-packed water for a recipe…like in oatmeal!
Hello oatmeal with apples and…vanilla!
When you’re ready to make your morning oats, pull out the jar, shake it again, pour it straight into your measuring cup then to your bowl (use more tap water if you need more than what was in the jar). Then, follow the directions on your oats as usual. You just added scrumptious vanilla flavor to your morning oats!  

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