Fabulously Fit Friday 12/14/2012

First of all, the winner of my NuttZo* giveaway via random drawing is… Samantha Christ!!! Her fill-in-the blank was “NuttZo should be eaten on a spoon! Because its that good it doesn’t need anything else ;)”

Love it!!


Moving on.


So remember when I warned you not to watch Dr. Oz? Well, I’ll fill you in on what he said because you weren’t watching (because you listen so well) and I was (I don’t listen so well).


His favorite belly fat-blasting superfood is…Goldenberries!!


What luck! I happen to have a bag of Navitas Naturals Goldenberries AND they just released a brand new product: Goldenberry Powder! Yes!


So, now you can totally stir it into anything and everything and just bask in the glow of its amazing powers.


For example, try my Goldenberry Greek Yogurt:

1/2 cup plain Greek yogurt (I use Chobani)

1 tsp. goldenberry powder (Navitas Naturals)

1 packet stevia sweetener (or sweeten to taste)

goldenberries (optional topping)

Now, here’s The Sweaty Breakdown:


Friday: I did a 40 min graduated run on the treadmill! I haven’t ran in a long time so I was SO happy when I busted this one out! Then, in the evening, the mister and I went to the Zoo to see all of the Christmas lights. We walked around and around for a long time. What a fun, active, holiday date.


Saturday: Rest!


Sunday: elliptical (5 min warm up), strength training: legs, 15 min elliptical, 10 min stationary bike (cool down)


Monday: Pseudo-rest day. I didn’t hit the gym or do a structured workout, but I broke up a routine throughout the day – squats, lunges, tricep dips, jumping jacks, knee highs


Tuesday: Jillian Michael’s 20 minute 30 Day Shred DVD (Sometimes, you just have to bust out the DVD’s to mix it up! I forgot how fun they are!).

Here’s the deal. I love Jillian. Some people hate her because she yells, but I absolutely love her because she is the most passionate woman when it comes to fitness (you only have to look at every season of the Biggest Loser to see that she transforms people and she really does have a heart). She yells because she wants you to push yourself to succeed. She doesn’t yell in the videos…but I kinda wish she would.


Wednesday: I did the 30 Day Shred DVD again…and on Thursday I woke up with calves so sore I couldn’t bend my legs! Good stuff.


Thursday: Round 3 of the 30 Day Shred! I don’t think I’ll do it for 30 days, but it’s nice to have the DVD in my arsenal for when I’m too tired to pick my own workout to do.



Fabulous Fitness Finds:

This week’s finds is an array of Navitas Naturals products (found at Whole Foods)! It’s no secret that I love their products, and I own so many of them that I almost need a separate cupboard for them.

Goldenberry Powder: 

See my gushing description above :) 

Smoothie Mixer (available at Williams-Sonoma!): 

This stuff is what happens when superfoods collide (hemp, cacao, lucuma, and maca!)! I use almost all of the products separately (remember this and this?), but now they are all mixed into a completely natural, protein and nutrient-rich combo to make a perfect smoothie! Know what else this is awesome in? Oatmeal. And stirred with a small amount of water to make a super thick “frosting” to put on my Greek yogurt.


Sweet Cacao Nibs:

Um…amazing! The slightly bitter cacao nibs (which I tend to sprinkle on just about every single thing I make) have been given a sweet spin! They taste more amazing than a handful of chocolate chips and they slightly melt into oatmeal and add a crunchy-sweet topping to yogurt! You’ll love them, I promise!


Coconut Water powder:

Yes! Finally someone has made coconut water more versatile! It’s so amazing that you can now stir powdered coconut water into your drink of choice and transform it into the most hydrating super-drink ever. This is GREAT for athletes who travel or for long trips where you can’t pack a bag full of coconut waters (because I already have a bag full of vitamins, protein powder, oats, Maca, PB2, protein bars…).

What were your Fitness Finds this week?

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