Fabulously Fit Friday: NuttZo Nut Butter GIVEAWAY

First, a quick rundown of my Fabulously Fit Friday list!

The Sweaty Breakdown:

Saturday: My mom and I took a nice long walk around her neighborhood. We took it easy but chatted to make the distance last. My hip was starting to bother me so I knew I shouldn’t push it too far.

Sunday: I did an eliptical circuit today to shake off the day I spend in the car! Here’s what it looked like:

Monday: I took a rest day today. I didn’t really feel all that well, so I knew it was best to just have a restful evening and get to bed early!

Tuesday: I still didn’t feel too well today, but I took a nice long spin on a bike in the gym while reading a book.

Wednesday: Today I did the elliptical to warm up and cool down! I blasted through an arm strength training session! Feeling fit!

And now…to what you really want…

I’m so excited to bring this giveaway to all of you!

You like nut butter, right? That’s right. Thought you did. Or else we wouldn’t really be friends (I’d pretend to be your friend, of course, but it would fall apart in the end)…


Well, nothing is better than nut butter, made with health and charity in mind!


NuttZo is simply amazing! It tastes toasty and salty and sweet, all from the natural flavors of the nuts and seeds it’s made from, because it contains NOTHING but those nuts and seeds! It’s really a simple but amazing concept.


Their founder, Danielle, is an amazing woman, herself. I have had the pleasure of talking with her and she is SO passionate about her nut butter and her charitable causes. Please watch the video on the website to really know what I mean!


She and her husband adopted two malnourished little boys from Ukraine. After nurturing them to health with good, pure food, she decided her NuttZo nut butter (one of her creations that helped nourish her boys) had to be available to everyone.


When you purchase NuttZo (I’ve seen it on the shelves at my Whole Foods), 1% of the gross sales are donated to Project Left Behind. This charity tries to ensure that orphaned children all around the world receive basic medical attention, food, water, shelter, and much more!


NuttZo comes in three flavors and I was lucky enough to try the “blue label” one! It’s the original and made from organic peanuts, flaxseed, hazelnuts, cashews, almonds, Brazil nuts, and sunflower seeds! What I love, is the rich flavor and the chunks and pieces of actual nuts and seeds throughout the butter! It’s SO good. Plus, 2 Tbs (one serving) of NuttZo provides 50% of your daily Omega 3 ALA’s!


The jar is made upside-down! The oil separates to the bottom instead of the top, so when you open it the first time, oil doesn’t drip everywhere. You just give it a stir, then store it in the fridge, “lid side up.” That’s pretty darn cool.


I can’t wait for you to try it!



The GIVEAWAY: One lucky reader will win a jar of the original blue label NuttZo!! This is a fun “fill in the blank” giveaway, so here’s how you play along!



You MUST complete and leave a comment here after you’re done saying you’ve done each thing below:

1. “Like” Treats With a Twist AND NuttZo on Facebook, then…

2. Leave a comment on the NuttZo Facebook page saying: “NuttZo should be eaten on/in a _______” and fill in the blank with whatever you’d like! (eg. boat, banana, celery stick…)


The WINNER will be chosen on Wednesday, December 13 around midnight! I’ll check with Danielle to make sure the chosen winner completed all of the Facebook requirements (“likes” and the fill in the blank) and then announce the winner (and email you!)! You’ll have 24hrs to respond or I’ll re-draw another winner!


Good luck!!

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  1. Mollie K says

    Hi Melissa!
    Thanks for the giveaway-I have liked both of you on fb and left a comment.
    Have a wonderful, wonderful weekend!! I hope it is full of nut butter spoons :)

  2. Jeffrey says

    I’ve completed the mission, thanks for the opportunity to win some nut butter. I love trying new varieties, I’m kinda a nut about it!

  3. says

    I can’t eat nuts but my friend is COMPLETELY obsessed with nut butter! OMG she bought the EXTREME tubs at Costco when I went with her one time and finished both of them in like a week!!!! NUTS! I made her feel really badly though because she bought SKIPPY — SOOOO unhealthy! LOL! I should buy her a gift basket full of this stuff! ;)