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I’ve had several people ask me if I was planning on posting the details of my wedding as they come together. So, I have a few things to share with you, but I’ll just start with the Save the Date cards!

We had beautiful engagement photos taken, a lot of posing with our date. In the end, though, we agreed upon this candid, sweet moment that the photographer caught, between posed pictures. It warms my heart and, for me, sets the tone for the personal, country, lovely wedding we’re hoping to have.

save the date


We included our wedding website on the card, which has all of our details as they unfold, including locations, directions, and registries!

Strike up a conversation: If you’re married, did you have Save the Date cards? What did they look like? If you’re not married, would you do Save the Date’s?

I was told by a family member that I should just text or email everyone to “save the date” and then send out real invitations. Immediately I shot that down because I love tradition and I love cards. I’m the only person I know that still sends genuine letters and hand written Thank You notes. This tradition is important to me.

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    Oh I love this idea of save the date cards, love the picture so sweet! We didnt do save the date cards that was 16 years ago, so I am not sure if they did that back then LOL

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    I LOVE those! And if I ever get married, I will definitely want to to a ‘traditional’ (in the sense of mailing something…with a stamp on it) route. Sure, you can send a quick follow-up e-mail or whatever, but I want people to actually take the time to focus on the event, not just quickly sync it up to a Google calendar or something. [Not that I know how to do that, but some people do.]

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    I love Bella Vista! I’m from Oklahoma but my fiance takes me to Arkansas a lot (because it’s beautiful and because my grandmother lives there). We stayed at a Bed & Breakfast there a couple years ago and it was amazing! :)