Fabulously Fit Friday 2/1/2013

I wanted to start by giving you a bit of an update on my fitness and health since the first month in the new year is already over. Can you believe that??

Are you still focused on smaller, obtainable healthy-living goals (because resolutions are too daunting!)? Just remember, every moment of every day is a new opportunity to get back on track!

I’ve been working with a trainer since January 11th and I love how strong and focused I feel. I can already see small, noticeable changes, which is so motivating!

Not exactly intentionally, I’m I’m back on a 98% gluten-free diet. I still nibble here and there, and nothing could keep me from my wedding cake tasting, but being primarily gluten-free fits well into my lifestyle. BUT I don’t like to label my eating habits or chosen diet, so lets just say, I eat healthy foods. :)

I’m getting some separate health issues under control and that has helped me feel better, stronger, and happier.

I’ve been participating in an online DietBet that makes me work harder for the sake of my wallet. I’m proud to say I’m well on my way toward accomplishing my goal of losing 4% of my bodyweight in 4 weeks.

This week, I made:

Lemon Cream Pie Oats

photo (26)

and Pumpkin Chai Cupcakes

photo (25)

and I reviewed the new cookbook, Breakfast for Dinner!

photo (28) AND I was featured on DailyBuzz Moms for my Greek Yogurt Breakfast Tarts

photo (30)

The Sweaty Breakdown:

Friday: I conquered arms and upper body with my trainer!

Saturday: 1hr. of cardio (20 min elliptical, 20 min treadmill, 20 min elliptical)

photo (29)

Sunday: 1 hr of cardio (bike)

Monday: I woke up early for my last cardio session: 30 min elliptical “run”

Tuesday: Rest – well…I didn’t exactly take my rest day. I got the brilliant idea to take the twins (my nanny twins that is) on a walk (me pushing the giant double stroller) to the grocery store. That’s a 3 mile walk. Up and down hills. Into the wind. By the time I got back I was sore and my toes had blisters because I was pushing so hard into the gusts of wind!

Wednesday: I had a total body workout with my trainer! It totally destroyed my glutes (I’m still hobbling around) and I was able to curl a heavier bar today too!

photo (27)


Thursday: Rest!! For real this time.


Fabulous Fitness Finds:

Quest Banana Nut Muffin Bars: Quest is one of my favorite nutrition bars. I’ve reviewed them several times here and they never disappoint when releasing new flavors.


Their newest flavor, Banana Nut Muffin, is another winner! It doesn’t have that fake-y banana flavor that many candies or nutrition suppliments have. Of course, just like their other bars, warming them only makes them better! For a delicious treat, spread a little of your favorite nut butter on the bar before microwaving it (~15 sec) and it all melts into a dreamy treat!

I was sent these bars to review in a  100% honest manner in whatever way I saw fit. I was not monetarily compensated for this review. You can find these Quest bars in nutrition stores, like Vitamin Shoppe! 

The winner of my GNC Giveaway is: Kelly! Yay! Congratulations!

Strike up a conversation: What were your Fabulous Fitness Finds from the week? Any favorite workouts from the week?

PS Thank you for all of the entries in my Breakfast For Dinner Cookbook Giveaway

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  1. says

    What a week! I still want to try BOTH of those recipes…and I hope I win that book. :)

    Everyone raves about Quest Bars! I have so many bars stockpiled in my pantry and I just can’t justify purchasing any more. I am very curious though…

    • says

      I know what you mean! I have this huge grocery sack of protein bars and I just keep adding to it! But I can’t help myself when there’s something new to try (it’s not like the ones in the bag will expire tomorrow). Girl, the Quest bars are something you just have to try! And warmed up! Eat them warmed, please!