Valentine’s Day Recipe Round Up

Here’s a round up of the Valentine’s Day treats I’ve made over the last two weeks. They’re so simple, a bit healthy, and oh-so-adorable. I hope they make your holiday stress-free and simply delicious.


Chocolate-Dipped Valentine’s Marshmallow Pops:



Dark Chocolate-Covered Strawberries:


Chocolate Delight Popcorn Snack Mix:


Chocolate Cherry Yogurt Mousse Shooters :


Chocolate Love Brownies:


PS If you’re spending the “holiday” with friends or solo, still try to be cheesy and “romantic” because it’s just more fun that way. Trust me, I spend many VDays crying into my ice cream, and it just wasn’t any fun.

Make yourself your favorite dinner (grilled cheese? mustard-crusted salmon? scallops? French toast?), rent a girly movie, and settle in with a Chocolate-Dipped Valentine’s Marshmallow Pop and a cup of hot cocoa. You deserve it!

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