Fabulously Fit Friday 6/7/2013

I have fun things to share!

Have you tried the berry Blue Diamond Almonds yet?


I have! The strawberry is my favorite! Have you ever looked into the bag of whatever you’re eating, and suddenly they’re gone?! Like, all gone. Who stole them? Did I eat all of those? Yup, that was me with the strawberry almonds.

Do you find celebrity diets fascinating? Like, how they’re are all under self-experimentation because their only job is to stay young and thin? Read this hilarious article by a woman who tried to eat like Gwenneth Paltrow. You’ll die laughing.

I went to spin class twice this last week and am going again soon! I have an obsessive personality (go figure), so it won’t be long until I’m buying special shoes for spin. Here we go!


Did you go buy a TON of blueberries last Friday at Whole Foods?! I did! Now they’re piled in my freezer, fridge, and jars. Make my super easy blueberry jam and your friends will all think you’re a domestic goddess.


Is it bad that I’m still using Google Reader? I don’t cope well with change (understatement of the century) so I can’t stop using it! Yes, I’m well aware that it’ll implode in less than a month. Yes, I’ve set up Feedly, but I just can’t switch! You’ll have to drag me away from Reader kicking and screaming!

What should I wear to my bridal shower?! Links to cute things,  please!


Have you tried CLIF CRUNCH bars yet*?? I love them! Plus, they’re pretty much the only granola bar that my fiancé will willingly eat! That’s really saying something. I pack them I his travel bags when he goes on trips and I hand them to him as he walks out the door, in a rush.


I love using them as “granola” on top of my yogurt when I’m up to my eyeballs in treats and photo editing. Sometimes there is just WAY too much to do and way too little time, so I don’t sit down for a descent snack or meal break, so having these ready to crumble on my yogurt is just perfect.

I’m also working on incorporating them into a few recipes (stay tuned!)!


CLIF wants to remind you to have a few adventures this summer! Grab a CLIF bar and head outdoors. Try something new (hike a new peak, try a new class at the gym, cook something exotic!) this summer and make some memories. You’ll never regret having fun and being healthy!


*I was sent CLIF CRUNCH bars to remind you all to have an adventure. All the opinions I’ve stated are my own and true. I was not monetarily compensated for this review. 

All other products mentioned in this post were purchased by yours truly and I was not contacted by the companies in any way. I just like talking about them!

This Week’s Treats:  

Blueberry Sauce (aka Blueberry Jam, no-pectin):


Gluten-Free Apricot Stack Cake:


And finally, are you ready for a giveaway?! Me too! I believe if you stay tuned till next week, you won’t be sorry!

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    those blue diamond almonds are amazing!!!! find a cute white dress for your bridal shower! i know last time i looked (for my friend) nordstrom rack had a bunch… or come to st. louis and you can shop in my closet or we can go shopping together! yes, i like the sound of that!
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