Take Your Vitamins! A little reminder…

The following post is sponsored by FitFluential LLC on behalf of Vitafusion.

I’ll be honest with you. I tried really hard to take a multivitamin. Several times over the years. I’ve tried a handful of brands, including those expensive GNC packs of vitamins. But they all made me sick, even when I took them with food (before breakfast, during breakfast, after breakfast…I tried everything). I’m talking seriously sick for at least an hour every day. So, I stopped taking a multi.

I switched to supplementing individually with folic acid, fish oil, calcium and probiotics. In fact, I like to keep my vitamins as close to candy-form as possible, so I even switched my calcium to those Calcium (+D+K) Chews. Fun fact: did you know that those calcium chews get melty like caramel if you chop them up and stir them into hot oatmeal? They do. Try it.

photo (48) Remember when I posted this to Instagram? Lemon Cream Pie overnight oats (in a coconut oil jar), my vitamins and coffee.

When I travel or if someone around me is sick, I add in those Vitamin C drink packets. Candy. Yes!

So, when Vitafusion sent me their “MultiVites” to try (as part of a FitFluential partnership), I was over the moon. The gummies taste amazing because they’re made with all natural flavors (I love the dark “berry” ones the best!) and probably most importantly, they DON’T MAKE ME SICK!!


I could jump for joy!

And I can totally see why “nutrition tastes good” is their slogan!


I love that there are two gummies per recommended serving, because I’ve always heard you should break up your vitamins into two separate ties of the day. So, I get one with breakfast and one with dinner.

As you can imagine, I’ve spent a fortune on vitamins over the years. Call me cheap, but that’s really upsetting to me. So, although these run $11.50 (for 150 gummies, or a 75 day supply), I’m willing to shell it out. Plus, I’ve seen them at Sam’s Club in an economy-sized bottle, so you can save a bit by buying in bulk (woohoo!). That happens to also be where I buy my calcium candy…I mean chews! One stop shop.

[They’re also available at Costco, Walmart and Target!]

Here’s a look at the label and everything you’re getting in your gummies.


So, now I don’t take separate folic acid and fish oil, but I do still take my calcium and probiotics (yup, one probiotic pill, the rest “candy”).

photo (49) Straight from my Instagram – my morning vitamins!

Just a little reminder from me to you: take your vitamins!

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  1. says

    I love that you had oats in a coconut oil jar! Sounds so good.
    I haven’t even tried them the normal way – I’m like the last on that train.
    And gummy vitamins = amazing.