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Toasted Marshmallow Skinny Shake

Have you caught up on your DVR yet?

That’s considered part of “cleaning house,” right? Yeah…cleaning.

You’re welcome.

Can we talk about Catfish? Um, seriously?!

You watch it, right? Ok good.

OH MY GOD!! Ohmagahhhhh…it’s SO good!!

I’ve been watching it since the very first episode, but this second season is ahhhhhmazing. [catch up – in case you have no clue what I’m talking about, Catfish is a show on MTV (the only reason I still watch MTV) made by these two awesomely amazing guys, Nev and Max, and they basically help people meet the people they “fell in love with” online…and more often than not, the person they’re helping has fallen in love with a total creeper FAKE!!! And it’s all real! No joke!!]

That last episode had me clinging on the edge of my seat, squealing…and then crying!!! No wonder my fiancé would rather watch me watch TV than watch the show itself.

Didn’t you just melt when Lauren rang the doorbell and then couldn’t even look as she waited for the door to open?! Ahhh!!! I did!!


Anyways, since we’re in the swing of summer and exciting things like that, I’ve decided to get back to my skinny summer treats! Milkshake time!! Hoorah!

This one satisfied all my summer loves: toasted mallows…and milkshakes! Best part? I made it with unsweetened vanilla almond milk, so it’s actually hilariously low in calories!

Ok, actually the best part was the adorable Teddy Grahams I “garnished” with…and the one that decided to take a dip into the shake…I think his smile got bigger! Too cute!

For my shakes, I have a “cube system.” Basically, I freeze an ice cube tray full of almond milk so it’ll be ready to use for my shakes. This one calls for 6 cubes.


The toasted marshmallows are really simple. I just pop a standard mallow onto a knife or fork, carefully hold it over the stovetop burner until charred, and then put it straight into the blender cup…repeat until all the mallows are charred and ready to blend! Easy peasy.

ToastedMallowShake2 Toasted Marshmallow Skinny Shake
(makes 1 skinny shake)

6 unsweetened vanilla almond milk cubes (see description above)

¾ cup unsweetened almond milk

3 toasted marshmallows (see description above)

1-2 Tbs. over-ripe banana*

1 tsp. granulated Stevia (or sweetener of choice)

¼ tsp. vanilla extract

*Note: the banana helps smooth the shake while it’s blending. It lends a slight flavor to the shake yet doesn’t over-power the toasted marshmallow flavor. You can leave it out if you don’t want to use it, but I highly recommend it.

~Place all ingredients into the cup of your blender (I use a Bullet for single-serving shakes, but use what you have) and blend well.

~Pour into a cup and garnish with another toasted marshmallow…and Teddy Grahams if you so please. Enjoy!

20 Responses to Toasted Marshmallow Skinny Shake

  1. oh my gosh i have to try this. we are totally into smores right now with our family going to innsbrook so often so this will be right up our alley! and i thought my husband was the only one who watched catfish………. lol ok i watched one episode with him and couldn’t stop watching!
    Linz @ Itz Linz recently posted…St. Louis Rams Ladies Football CampMy Profile

  2. MIz says:

    **raises hand**
    total CATFISH addict here, too.
    MIz recently posted…Four steps to intuitive living.My Profile

  3. Jennifer F says:

    Um, Yum! Never thought to roast a marshmallow over the burner!
    Jennifer F recently posted…To-Go Thai Peanut Chicken Jar Salads & Tips on Salad LayeringMy Profile

  4. Clueless to S+Catfish & MTV! ;) I watched MTV in the olden days when it was nothing but music – watched from the fist time it aired!

    As for that milkshake – YUM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Jody – Fit at 55 recently posted…Gratitude Monday & Things to ComeMy Profile

  5. Holy crap- first of all THAT recipe! YUM. Second, omg I just about died while watching the most recent Catfish!!
    jessiebearwhat recently posted…WIAW- Cleanin’ it UpMy Profile

  6. What a great idea to freeze vanila almond milk for shakes!
    Erin @ The Spiffy Cookie recently posted…Greek Yogurt Everything BagelsMy Profile

  7. Do you deliver?

    Oh wait. It will probably melt on the way anyways. Sigh.

    In love.
    Kammie @ Sensual Appeal recently posted…A colorful Saturday morning – Color Me Rad 5K ChicagoMy Profile

  8. Lindsay says:

    oh man, that toasted marshmallow makes me weak in the knees. I love that flavor!! Feed me please

  9. Um. That almond milk freezing idea is genius. Also, can you please come and make desserts for me all the time? Thank you.
    Sarah @ The Smart Kitchen recently posted…Hearts of Palm and Roasted Corn Salsa [#MMAZ]My Profile

  10. Tenecia says:

    I watched that episode on the edge of my seat the entire time!!!

    Tenecia recently posted…Drum Roll Please….My Profile

  11. Love the use of the frozen almond milk cubes!! Totally stealing this idea. Oh, and you’re totally right on re: the banana. Yum!
    Todd @ HonestlyYUM recently posted…Thai Iced Tea FloatMy Profile

  12. Rayna says:

    This is such a great shake idea! Thanks for sharing!
    Rayna recently posted…Blueberry PancakesMy Profile

  13. AWWWW YAAAAA MARSHMALLOWS!!!! Marshmallows are what clouds taste like! Seriously ;)

  14. Oh man, this look insanely good. I need to go buy marshmallows! I may add a bit of cocoa for a s’more-like shake… craving is ON full force. Thanks for that. ;)
    Laura @ Sprint 2 the Table recently posted…Work It Out On VacationMy Profile

  15. Ok, so I feel like the only one who’s never heard of this show…kinda like how I felt when everyone started talking about Honey Boo Boo, which I’ve yet to see an episode of but am pretty sure I’ve saved billions of braincells in doing so! ;) I haven’t had cable/TV/anything for about five years now and I can’t say that I really miss it…except for the Food Network and HGTV. I try my best to get my fix whenever I’m on my break at work…even if I DO have to check my department for patients to do during the commercial breaks! Lol

    But seriously? TV is the LAST thing on my mind right now! Why have I never toasted a marshmallow over an oven burner? WHY?! It should work with a flat top stove, don’tcha think? Oh and ps, I NEED those chocolate grahams in the worst kind of way!
    Heather @ Kiss My Broccoli recently posted…Which Came First?My Profile

    • Melissa says:

      Ok I could totally live my whole life without Honey Boo Boo in it, so no worries there girl. But you HAVE to watch Catfish! Seriously see if you can watch episodes online because you’ll DIE!!

  16. That shake sounds amazing. I like the freezing the almond milk. I am going to have to try this. thanks
    NaturesComplete recently posted…The Big Bike BlunderMy Profile

  17. Rebecca says:

    umm…do you mean over the STOVE burner? The oven burner would be inside the oven! Seems awful dangerous that way!

    What about those of us (many!) who have electric (non-gas) stoves? Suggestions?

    • Melissa says:

      Yes, sorry I means stove! Whoops. I’ll fix that.
      I don’t have a gas stove actually. I have electric coils. Even flat tops heat up enough to toast your marshmallow (without touching the stovetop)! :)

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