Thick & Creamy Iced Coffee

My Thick & Creamy Iced Coffee is dairy-free, sweetener-free, tastier and cheaper than a coffee house or bottled variety iced coffee. You’ll never go back, and you’ll be ready for Iced Coffee Season. 

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The second the sun starts coming out, I rejoice for Iced Coffee Season!

That’s a real thing, right? 

It’s warm and your arm skin is tingly from being exposed for the first time in months…your eyes are all squinty and you’re rummaging through your closet for all those cute sunglasses you bought at Target last year…you’re grabbing flats and heels that color coordinate with the flowers that are blooming…

Iced Coffee Season!!!!

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Ooo! Berry season too!!

And I don’t know about you, but there’s nothing better than iced coffee from a coffee house or a bottle. And when you make it at home…it’s all watered down and disappointing, right?

Well, after buying a few expensive but crazy tasty iced almond milk latte bottled drinks, I knew I had to find a way to make it at home. No, I didn’t want just coffee over ice with milk. I wanted it creamy and thick, yet pourable! I wanted it sweet without adding sugar or Stevia or ANY sweeteners. 

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And…well, I know I did it! And you’re going to be shocked and amazed. Now, grab those sunglasses, throw on some cute flats, and get your arms out in that sunshine. It’s Iced Coffee Season! Hooray! 

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Thick & Creamy Iced Coffee
Thick, rich, creamy dreamy iced coffee. Free from dairy and sweeteners. This iced coffee is better and cheaper than a coffee house or bottled variety and will have you soaking up the sunshine. (recipe makes 2 servings)
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  1. 1 Tbs. over-ripe banana*
  2. 2 soaked dates**
  3. 1 tsp. cocoa powder
  4. 1/2 tsp. vanilla bean paste
  5. 1 cup unsweetened almond milk (I used Califia Farms)
  6. 3/4-1 cup strong-brewed coffee or espresso
  1. In a blender (I use a Vitamix but you can use whatever works for you), combine all of the ingredients. Blend really well until creamy and no particles remain.
  2. Serve over ice! Enjoy!
  1. *think of the banana like a stick of butter and cut off approximately where the 1 Tbs. mark would be
  2. **soak dates in water for 2 hrs to overnight to make them soft and plump. I keep several soaking in water in my fridge at all times.
Treats With a Twist
This is not a sponsored post. I purchased any products listed in this post with my own pennies (tons of pennies for that Vitamix) and am only mentioning them because I love them. Cheers! 


Want a snack with your Thick & Creamy Iced Coffee? Of course you do. Make these. Stat! 

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  1. Michelle says

    I make one similar to this except I use half a frozen banana and 1 tbs of almond butter. Sometimes I use honey instead of a date along with some ice. I love these coffee drinks. :)

  2. says

    Man, yesterday would have been perfect for iced coffee! Today is stupid cold again….but the forecast is looking better for the weekend. I’ll have to try this out. My homemade iced coffee attempts are always sad, but bananas fix everything.
    Bianca- Vegan Crunk recently posted…Vegan Hamburger Helper!My Profile

    • says

      So true! The wind is terrible today! But the sun is peeking out! So it’s definitely time.
      My previous iced coffees have all been awful. But then this, with the banana and dates thickening and naturally sweetening it…omg to DIE for.
      Melissa recently posted…Thick & Creamy Iced Coffee My Profile

  3. says

    You weren’t kidding about me being shocked and amazed by this recipe! Simply NEVER would have imagined you could add banana or dates to make a creamy iced coffee! Now I just need to get my hand on some dates so I can try this out!
    Vicky recently posted…Vegan Creamy Tomato SoupMy Profile