Birthday Cake Fudgsicles

Birthday Cake Fudgsicles will blow your mind! I’ve made thick, rich, chocolatey cake batter-like pourable fudge that is 100% dairy-free with no added sugar! I’ve combined that with some killer leftover cake scraps, adorable and necessary sprinkles, and now you have the treat that will rock your summer! You’re welcome! 

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Well I certainly enjoyed my three-day weekend! And having these in my freezer the second I got home probably made ending the weekend a whole hell of a lot easier! 

I don’t know how I got all of the fudge batter from the Vitamix, into the molds. It’s seriously so good that I was about to just tip it straight into my mouth. My kitchen overlooks my family room, and my husband was sitting on the couch…I just knew that the second I started glugging it straight from the blender he would glance over and be horrified at what he was seeing…

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SO it made it into the popsicle molds. Thank God for that, right? Maybe. Well, for you at least.

So, basically, I took cake scraps from my fridge. I don’t throw away cake scraps. That would be wasteful. And who could seriously throw out leftover Cashew Cake?! Not I. Heeeeeeellllll NO. 

You can use whatever cake scraps you have. If you’re not a cake hoarder like me (shame shame) then you can make a cake from whatever mix you have. Let it cool. Use what you need for these pops then SAVE the rest! Scraps, done. 

Don’t forget sprinkles! Use cute ones! Please. 

And enjoy. These will seriously blow your mind. 

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Birthday Cake Fudgsicles
Creamy, rich, chocolatey dairy free batter is mixed with your leftover cake for an incredible Birthday Cake Fudgsicle treat! Don't forget the sprinkles! (makes 6 fudge pops)
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  1. 1 can coconut milk (I used unsweetened, low fat, 13.5 ounces)
  2. 3 dried dates (try to find tender, not hard dates)
  3. 3 Tbs. plain almond milk yogurt*
  4. 1 ½ tsp. vanilla extract
  5. 1 ½ Tbs. cocoa powder (dark)
  6. pinch of sea salt
  7. 1-2 cups cake scraps**
  8. sprinkles
  1. In a powerful blender (I love my Vitamix!) combine the coconut milk, dates, yogurt, vanilla, cocoa and sea salt. Blend until completely smooth. Try not to drink it all when you start tasting it with your spoon!
  2. Set up your pop molds. Drop small pieces of cake into each mold and some sprinkles. Slowly pour the batter into each mold, letting it settle to the bottom before finishing filling up to the fill line (I used a toothpick to ease it down the sides of the molds). Sprinkle on a few more sprinkles. Apply the lids and sticks.
  3. Freeze in a level spot in your freezer, at least 6 hours. To de-mold, run the mold under hot water for a hot minute. Demold. Lick. Enjoy!
  1. *I used Almond Dream plain low-fat almond milk yogurt. I found it at Whole Foods. You can use whatever yogurt you prefer, but I HIGHLY recommend trying this one because I think it already kind of tastes like cake batter. Can't beat that.
  2. **I keep cake scraps in the freezer for these reasons! I just know there's no reason to toss out cake edges and scraps. You can make up a quick cake from a box mix and let it cool completely and then use pieces for these Fudgsicles, then be sure to save the scraps for another day!
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