Berry Fizz Floats

Berry Fizz Floats are a simple, refreshing treat to beat the summer (or spring) heat! They’re easy to throw together when you’re in a pinch for a healthier treat after a hot day.

Berry Fizz Floats (

I have started spending some time laying by the pool. Just a few minutes, because I burn too quickly in these late Spring sunny days, but enough to get a little color and some Vitamin D.

These hot, humid afternoons have me sweating buckets though. I can’t even think about turning on my oven! Crazy, right, since I consider myself a baker. On the one hand I’m brainstorming cookies…on the other I’m fanning myself and craving ice cream.

So, lets go with ice cream, ok?

I’ve never been a Root Beer Float (or Coke Float) girl because, frankly, I hate Root Beer. I hate sodas frankly, but I have always hated Root Beer. Bleh. [Sorry to all you RB fans out there but I just can’t pretend that it’s ok.]

I’ve been dreaming about these refreshing Berry Fizz Floats, though, ever since they popped into my mind a few months ago. I couldn’t wait for some sunshine and an excuse to refuel with ice cream.

You can make these floats with just about anything you have on hand! I used almond milk vanilla ice cream, making my Berry Fizz Floats dairy free, but you can use whatever you love! Since they’re only made with fresh berries, seltzer water, and ice cream, feel free to play with the flavors!

Berry-Fizz-Floats 1

Berry Fizz Floats (

Berry Fizz Floats (


I think these would be killer amazing with strawberry ice cream or even chocolate, but the vanilla makes a creamy dreamy treat. Yum.

Muddle the berries in your glass a bit before adding your seltzer and ice cream, ensuring you get lots of flavor in your float. And, of course, serve them with a straw and a spoon. You’ll need both.

My husband is the one who used Ginger Ale instead of seltzer, but that’s fine. These are supposed to be easy! Cheers to refreshing treats!

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Berry Fizz Floats
Berry Fizz Floats are simple, delicious and refreshing! Feel free to mix up the berries and ice cream flavors you use! Have fun and enjoy!
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  1. Fresh berries, washed and dried
  2. Vanilla ice cream (I used an almond milk ice cream)
  3. Seltzer (sparkling) water
  1. Place a handful of berries (raspberries, blueberries and blackberries are wonderful in this!) in the bottom of your glass. Use a spoon to muddle them a bit, releasing their juices.
  2. Scoop one large scoop of ice cream into your glass (or two!).
  3. Fill the glass with seltzer water. Stir, sip, enjoy!
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