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Hey all! So I just had to pop in and recap my amazing weekend at Blend Retreat 2014! You may have noticed from my Instagram feed that I was in Park City, UT for the weekend.

Blend Retreat was pretty much a life changing experience for me. I have never felt so rejuvenated, alive and happy after such a jam-packed weekend. I also barely recognized myself, being so enthusiastic and interactive with all of the other women there (versus hanging back and doing most of the listening, like I tend to do when I’m around a ton of people I don’t know). It was electric there and all of the bloggers were so friendly and willing to participate in the activities. 


My dear friend Heather (look at us bustin’ out some yoga outdoors!) and I agreed to attend together (she’d been in the past) and that really helped me feel comfortable. All of the other women in my suite were ones I’d only “met” online or seen on Instagram. To put a face, voice, height, and personality with the words and pictures I’d seen was truly remarkable. I can confidently say that I made friends there that I will have for life. Like, text and plan on flying to see you kind of friends. Real stuff. (Laura brought me this amazing malt chocolate crack spread from Switzerland! Seriously!) 



From morning boot camps and afternoon hikes, to cocktail parties and foodie paradise dinners in Park City, this was the most amazing weekend ever.


I met and talked to some of my favorite companies too. Quest, which you all know I’ve been writing reviews for for 3 years, since before they were sold in stores(!), came and I developed an even stronger bond with the company I love, sponsored a breakfast at the event and gave away a super generous amount of product. Silk was the main sponsor for the event, and I can confidently say I love them even more now after hiking for 2 hours, gabbing non-stop with their rep about recipe development, then having their product table hand me a delicious smoothie to chug because I was obviously in need of sustenance the second we got back. Love. And then Nature Valley, who sponsored my girl Heather, happened to send her a tee shirt that was my size and so we chose to be twinsies and matched for the hike. Their bars saved me during the hike and then again in the airport on the way home. I even snapped a photo they loved too.


I could write for days (and already have), but I just had to show you the amazing weekend I had. I can’t thank the beautiful, hard working ladies that organized it enough and all of the sponsors too. And my amazing husband for picking me up from the airport at 1am after my flights were delayed over 4 hours (no, they didn’t offer us free wine while we sat on the tarmac for an extra hour…cheers to never wanting to fly United ever again).

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    Ok, so I know I’ve already said this half a dozen times, but I AM SO GLAD YOU CAME THIS YEAR! We rocked it out! Everything was exactly as it should’ve been…relaxing, spontaneous, exciting, new, crazy, delicious, fun…well, everything except those damn flight delays that is! Ugh, I swear I thought I’d never make it on the drive home! I about fell asleep in my driveway! Haha!

    You got some great shots! Hope you don’t mind if I gank a couple of them! ๐Ÿ˜‰
    Heather @ Kiss My Broccoli recently posted…Blend or BUST!My Profile