Springing Into Summer

The second half of last week was shocking.

Not “omg that was so wonderful!” shocking, but more like “holy crap I can’t believe all that ish could happen to one person” shocking. Not good.

It was the kind of week where you:

… wonder if your car insurance is going to scare your wallet because you scraped up the front of your car; wonder if your husband is going to be upset about that because he was out of town and everything seems to crumble while he’s gone; wonder if your husband will notice that you can’t make him dinner because you’ve completely given up on cooking meat while he’s gone, so you don’t technically have “dinner material” in the fridge; you decide to do a 5K but it’s over 100 degrees outside so you feel like hell when its over; you slip and slam your shin into something ridiculous (i.e. the toilet) and bruise it so bad that you cry like a little kid and now have a baseball-sized knot on your shin; your husband’s dog has gone from eating the carpet to eating the shower curtain, and you no longer have a place to put her when you leave the house; you go to try on shorts for the summer and leave crying because you can’t believe what size you are right now (due to my health, not for lack of hard work)…

It was one of those weeks where you tell your husband to please tell nobody that any of that happened, but then you decide to tell the world because that’s just what you do.

You just want to curl up on the couch, watch Finding Nemo, and go to bed at 8:30 and pretend like none of it happened and that it’ll all be fixed overnight.

Oh, and can someone come clean your apartment too? While we’re talking fantasy life-fixing.

So, now that Spring has gone out with a bang, let’s hope Summer is a bit shinier.

I do want to share with you my favorite recipes from the past couple months, because a lot of them are perfect for this Summer heat! 

1. Lavender Lemonade – 

Lavender Lemonade (treatswithatwist.com)


2. Strawberry Poppy Seed Crisp with Lavender Honey Cream 

Strawberry-Poppy-Seed-Crisp 4

3. Birthday Cake Fudgsicles – 

Birthday-Cake-Fudgsicles 3

4. Mango Coconut Ice Pops – 

Mango-Coconut-Ice-Pops 2

5. Berry Fizz Floats – 

Berry Fizz Floats (treatswithatwist.com)

6. French Toast Bananas – 

French-Toast-Bananas 2

7. Honey Banana Smoothie – 

Honey-Banana-Smoothie 1

8. Super Berry Smoothie – 

Super-Berry-Smoothie 3

9. Super C Smoothie – 

Super-C-Smoothie 2


So there you have it! A lot of COLD recipes for the sweltering heat that’s to come. And a few not-so-cold recipes that still scream SUMMER!!

I know that things will be better for all of us. A bit of a tan always helps. 

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    I wish I could come hug you and watch finding nemo (again). And ouch to shin! I know your man loves you as you are though. And I think you gorgeous!!

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