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1. I had the week off from my other job. Is it just me or isn’t it totally unfair that I would spend 2 days sick?! This is an odd kind of sick too. It happens to me once every few months, for 2-3 days. I get this wrenching knot in my abdomen that feels like someone took a car clamp and clamped it on my innards, and it doesn’t release for days. Seriously, doubled over, nauseous from the pain, unbearable stuff. It’s actually pretty scary. And all I can do is sleep for relief. If I get hungry, it hurts more because my stomach is hurting and making the pain throb! And I have dream upon dream about needing to go to the hospital. Do I go see a doctor? No. I’m terribly smart.

2. My husband and I are buying a house! I won’t throw the victory party until the check is handed over and a key is in my hand, so I’ll make a bigger deal of it when that day comes. But, because of that…

3. I have a spending budget of $0 at the moment. I already mistakenly opened an email and proceeded to spend way too much money online, so I basically have my wallet taped shut now. Oh what to do when you have the week off and can’t spend money (and know you shouldn’t drive just in case that leads to buying gas).

4. TV TV TV!!! Do you have ShowTime?! My husband and I are HOOKED on it! I am so so SO excited that the new season of Ray Donovan has started! OMG every moment of that show, I have the biggest grin on my face because I love it so much. Stupid silly love. Every character is so dynamic and I love that you truly get to know each of them. This show is my life! I totally feel like a badass even thinking I know these characters.
And now we watch Masters of Sex too! Have you SEEN it?! You get sucked right in. I swear I’m the biggest prude in the whole world, so I have my hand over my face almost the whole time, and my face is beet red, but it’s totally worth it. The outfits are beautiful and the storyline is awesome. Except for last week…when it ended Steve and I both looked at each other and said, “well, that wasn’t a good episode.” Its like nothing happened. Total filler episode.
Bachelorette! I can’t believe I watched this entire season. I haven’t watched this since season one (I caught almost all of the finale episodes but that’s about it), but I actually watched this one. So, Team Nick? Or Team Josh? Tell me tell me!!

5. Music! You know that song “Last Love Song” by ZZ Ward? I want to scream and scream until my voice is hoarse just so I can sound as sexy as she does. Song kills me. For sure.
I downloaded the new Colbie Caillat EP the second it came out and listened to it on repeat for days and days. SO good. Her song “Try” will totally make you cry if you really listen to it. And the other songs are just so good too. Some upbeat ones, some love-lost ones. Good stuff. Get it, you won’t regret it.

I also downloaded the new Jason Mraz album after watching a CBS Sunday Morning special on him and wanting to live my life like he does…well, it’s ok. There are some GREAT songs on there, and some that I’m already pressing “skip” on. But overall, it’s a good one. I just wish that he white-boy rapped on it like he did on his old CDs. But, he does have a farm and avocado orchard now, so that probably eliminates rapping from his repertoire. 

6. Yoga! I’m totally 100% into it. I know I’ve talked about it before, but now, it’s everything to me. I can’t get enough and my 2 classes a week are way to few and far between. I love love love my instructor. She makes me feel like I could totally bend into those intricate poses I see on Instagram! It’s crazy. And she plays amazing symphony versions of popular songs and Disney songs…turns out she plays a Relax station from Pandora! Love it. And my instructor even did a session of Thai Yoga Massage on me. It felt so amazing to walk out of there, open and bendy…then I went to a yoga class and could go so deep into every posture.
Plus, yoga has been mentally healing for me. I get to meditate on a phrase (I have a mantra I have been using for the past 8 months or so and it gives me peace during practice) and feel like I’m truly bettering my life while I’m there. I feel like there is true healing in every moment I dedicate to yoga. 
If you live in the Memphis area, Cate Plekon is the shiz. 


You!! Please tell me what’s been going on with YOU!! 


This is not a sponsored post. Anything mentioned in this post is legit stuff I just wanted to gab about. 

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    i actually watched last season of ray donovan – i didn’t really like it as it was a bit too much for me but i couldn’t stop watching it!! didn’t know it was coming back – i may or may not have to watch it! are you feeling better now?! sorry to hear you were ill :(
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    Tell me more about this Thai yoga massage? How have you not mentioned this to me yet?? Girl, I’ve got to find a way to get back into yoga…though I may just have to wait a couple more weeks when my schedule “dies down” a bit. Can you believe I was all set and ready in my mind to go on Saturday and they were CLOSED for some sort of grand reopening?! That was only from 9am-12pm and I missed it?! Mother (&^#@%^!
    Heather @ Kiss My Broccoli recently posted…My Weekend LobotomyMy Profile