Acai Bowl

An Acai Bowl is the perfect way to enjoy an antioxidant-packed smoothie! It’s thick, slightly sweet and topped with lots of fun toppings! What a perfect summer treat!

Acai Bowl (

I had an AHmazing trip to Seattle this last weekend! I can’t wait to share with you everything I did. I don’t think I’ve been so happy since my Honeymoon!

We saw so many beautiful, natural sites and ate SO much good food, I had a stupid silly grin on the entire time.

Driving home from the airport was a bit of a terror, since we had to drive 5 hours (we fly in and out of St. Louis so my parents can dog-sit, which means we wake up at 3am and take the 6am flight) and a torrential downpour hit us with 70 (NO JOKE) miles-per-hour winds! It came down so rough and in sheets that you could NOT see through, that we had to come to a stop on the highway just to wait to see the lines on the road. Doesn’t take much more than that to wake you up!

Anyways! You may have noticed a little challenge I’ve been partaking in on Instagram. Thanks for not calling me a loser and unfollowing me, because I’m really a super cheesy person and it becomes SUPER obvious when I do challenges and have to explain my brain…which is why I tend to stick to artsy photos of things I love when I’m on Instagram. But, this one has been really making me focus on bettering myself. I love that it is very positive and about adding healthy habits into your life and making you feel more positive in general.

I resolved, after this crazy amazing birthday week, to cut down on sugar and do a sugar detox. I usually don’t have a problem, because a small treat here and there is usually plenty for me. Well, after all of the cake and treats from my birthday week and realizing that I tend to mindlessly chomp on anything chocolate-covered, I decided to make a conscious decision to scale back. I finished this last weekend feeling sick to my stomach, sluggish, grumpy, sick, worse skin than usual, and I’m pretty sure I have an ulcer (for serious). So, for the next few weeks, only deliberately planned treats, like wedding cake at an upcoming wedding or a special dessert date between my husband and me, are ok, which gives me balance and things to look forward to.

Acai Bowl (

Acai Bowl (
That being said, I’m replacing sugar (and honey drizzles and maple downfalls) with natural fruit for treats. So, my Acai smoothie Bowl really hits the spot for me. Hopefully this will keep the sugar withdrawls at bay.

An Acai Bowl is so packed with antioxidants and nutrients, with so many possibilities to add even more, that you’ll feel glowing, happy and bright afterwards. Acai isn’t a very flavor-rich or sweet superfood, so adding the toppings is the fun part! I love adding slivered almonds, fresh blueberries or bananas, some hemp seeds for protein, and coconut flakes along with a bit of crunchy granola. Really the possibilities are endless. I would normally add a good drizzle of local raw honey, but you can do that on yours and I’ll take mine without for awhile.

Acai Bowl (
Enjoy! And wish me luck on this crazy idea to sugar-detox! You can follow me on Instagram and see the other crazy things I’m getting myself into (like doing yoga poses in public, because in my head I am much more graceful than I actually am). 

Acai Bowl
Acai Bowls are antioxidant-packed smoothie bowls filled with the superfood Acai. The toppings are the best part, so don't skimp on those! Enjoy this summer treat all year long and you'll be glowing. (makes 1 bowl)
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  1. 1 packet of frozen Acai (Sambazon)*
  2. ½ banana, frozen
  3. ¼ cup almond milk
  4. Toppings: homemade or store-bought granola (no dried fruit**), hemp seeds, almonds, fresh fruit, unsweetened coconut
  5. Optional add-ins: spinach, spirulina, frozen berries, a scoop of natural protein powder (like Vega)
  1. Blend the smoothie ingredients together until smooth. Push down the sides in your blender so it all comes together. You want it "spoonable" thick.
  2. Add toppings! Enjoy immediately!
  1. Notes: you’ll want this to be super thick, so just keep scraping down your blender until it’s all blended together.
  2. *If you don’t have frozen acai packets and want to use dehydrated acai powder, add 1 Tbs of the powder to your blender, along with ½ cup of frozen blueberries and the rest of the smoothie ingredients.
  3. **dried fruit will only turn rock-solid on top of this smoothie bowl, so it’s best to stick with fresh fruit and granola made of just oats and sees/nuts
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