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I found some fun links that I just had to share with you this week! 

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Because I NEVER know how to leave a room and always awkwardly disappear then wonder if people hate me afterwards – When You Leave A Party, Should You Say Goodbye? 
Should I add that I also tend to just ghost during family discussions? I’m so socially awkward! Ahhh! At my in-law’s house, when everyone is still talking on the deck late at night, I pretend to go in for water then just never go back out. Why am I so afraid to say “well, this is it, goodnight”?? Not that hard. You’d think.


Read and you’ll just die of loveliness – How I Met Your Father
It doesn’t help that Bev and I have the same hometown, so in my head I’m like “oh yeah, I totally was right there watching this epic love story happen…” But I wasn’t there AT ALL.


Because I’m that person who puts a cork in red wine then remembers that it’s still on the counter 2 weeks later – How Long Will That Wine Last? 


Because the flavors of coconut and pistachios and quinoa sound like comfort food to me too – Coconut Quinoa Comfort Food 


My Instagram crushes lately (only a SLIGHT few! Because I could go on for DAYS):







Annnndddd… some TREATS I’ve made for you lately: 

Baked Coconut Donuts: 

Baked-Coconut-Donuts 5


Coconut Cream Pie Oats: 

Coconut-Cream-Pie-Oats 6.


Blueberry Overnight Oats: 

Blueberry-Overnight-Oats 5


Strawberry Almond Milk Soaked Muesli: 

Strawberry Almond Milk Soaked Muesli


And, my no-bake cookies were featured in Parade Magazine Online’s roundup of summer no-bake cookies! Check it out


Cheers to the start of the BEST MONTH EVER! I love August, and mine is already getting off to a great start! And, I’m silently already starting a birthday countdown. Can’t help it!

What is a favorite link of yours this week? Who is your Instagram crush lately?!

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