About Melissa


I’m Melissa and I’m so happy you’ve found Treats With a Twist!


I started Treats With a Twist in 2009 and it has remained my outlet for the healthy recipes I create, photos I take, and lifestyle changes I make.

Over the years, the recipes I create have changed based on the definitely of “healthy” that I have chosen to use. The term “healthy” is always different, person to person. 

Within the last few years, due to health issues, I’ve adopted a gluten free lifestyle. What does that mean? It means that now, all of my recipes are gluten free! Older recipes will have ingredients like “all purpose flour” or malt in them, because I wasn’t gluten free at that time. The recipes are still healthier versions and were amazing when I made them. Now, though, I create gluten free recipes.

Anytime you see ingredients in my list, they are gluten free (which is why I don’t denote “gluten free” in front of oats or other ingredients, because the recipe and the ingredients I use are gluten free). If you’re gluten free, you already probably have the necessary ingredients in your pantry, or you know just what to shop for. If you’re new to being gluten free, reading labels is important and most ingredients say “gluten free” on the label.

Don’t be deterred if you’re not gluten free though! All of the recipes are accessible to anyone and will taste amazing! You won’t even know they’re gluten free after tasting them! Just like the recipes I make that just happen to be Vegan, they’re delicious because they’re that good, and I’m not Vegan!


Treats With a Twist is where I also share my lifestyle favorites, including my latest workout finds (Fabulously Fit Fridays!), makeup buys, music loves, and photos from my travels (Sprinkles of Real Life). I love sharing, so I’m probably going to over share. You’re welcome.


Get to know me in a snap: I love a good pink/gold/grey combo, winter white without the cold please, coffee all day long, tea at night, wooden spoons, babies make me cry because they’re so cute, puppies please, big dorky glasses are the best, old kitchen tools, big beautiful cameras, scrapbooking, washi tape, pink running shoes, yoga, Southern manners and a Southern drawl are my favorite… and tons of sarcasm!


I currently live in northern Mississippi, just south of Memphis, TN, with my husband and two pups.


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I love my Blendtec, but in all transparency, I own a Vitamix too! Want any details on either of them? Just ask! I’ll spill.


I am available for free-lance recipe development, food photography, and sponsored conference attendance. Just email me.   melissa (a) treatswithatwist (.) com