About Melissa

I’m Melissa! I’m in my mid-twenties and currently reside in Memphis, TN with my two dogs  future husband. I grew up in Denver, Colorado and Fayetteville, Arkansas, making me a semi-southern girl.

Although I went to school to become a nurse, let’s face it, chocolate and cupcakes were way too distracting! I started Treats With a Twist in 2009 as a way for my family to keep track of me as we moved all over the country, and for my mom to see what I’ve been up to in the kitchen. It became my number one passion almost immediately.

I dedicated myself to making my favorite treats a bit healthier through easy swaps and sharing the recipes with anyone who was salivating and in need of sweets (I see that look in your eye!).

After years of healthier baking and a more balanced lifestyle, including a discovery of a love of exercising and getting active (I’ve ran two half-marathons, countless races, and now love Spin classes and weightlifting), I’ve lost over 40 pounds and have never been more excited about helping others via my recipes.

So what makes me tick? I run on coffee and sip on tea. I’m a chocoholic and anything with coconut makes me do back-flips (ok, maybe I’ve never done a back-flip). I stay up late grinding my own nut butters and apologize to my neighbors in the morning. I hard glass jars and am distracted by shiny things and vintage plates. I own more dessert forks than should be legal. Try to touch my ice cream and you’ll wish you hadn’t. I have a pink stand mixer, pink appliances, and wear pink running shoes…you do the math.

Snarky? Sarcastic? Me?

I have an imaginary version of myself (“Party Melissa”)  who throws wonderful parties on her porch and invites guests over for a themed brunch. Maybe she’ll become a reality after I get a porch…and a kitchen table…and become social enough to invite people over.

Breakfast is my favorite meal and I’m often caught eating a version of it for every meal. From oatmeal, yogurt, and eggs to muffins, pastries, and last night’s pie, breakfast has all the best foods! I’d like to think of myself as a brunch person, but there’s no way I could last till late morning without eating something. But if there’s mimosas involved…hey maybe I could adapt.

If you have any questions about sweets, treats, breakfast eats or getting active and staying balanced, please let me know!

Questions about kids, per random chance? I’ve probably got ya covered there too. Did I mention I’m a nanny for twin toddlers?