Fabulously Fit Friday

1. Happy Fourth of July!! I’ll include some fabulously festive treats at the end of this post. But because we haven’t caught up fitness-wise in awhile, lets start there.

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2. I completed the 8 week Bikini Series by Tone it Up a couple weeks ago. Did I notice a change in my body? Honestly, no. Did I notice a change in myself? Yes! I’ve found out that for the time-being, I like waking up and working out in the mornings. And I now know that workouts CAN be short, cun and effective. I don’t need to dread and drudge to the gym. I can pull out my mat and some weights and whip out a 12 minute video workout (is it still called a “video”?) and be done before I know it! All while watching two gorgeous trainers giggle and prance on the beach.

What now? Honestly its time for a break. And I’m talking a real, strict break.

Let’s get personal.

I’ve been going through some private health problems for awhile and more and more so lately and I need to fix those. All of my workouts have been a nice distraction, but they’ve been putting my body through a lot of stress and its time to listen.

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Last week was my first week off. I limited myself to 30 minute walks and 2 yoga classes for the week. Was it hard? Yes! (Do I like asking  myself questions then promptly answering them? Yes!) I found myself thinking, “Oh! I should go lift weights because that would be fun!” or “There was an intense looking class before my yoga class! Maybe I should come an hour early next time and do that too!” or my favorite “my friend just started a diet and I should try it with her ‘for fun’”… But, as a wise friend once told me (this morning), I need to focus on ME and MY goals; this is all for the best.

To fuel my road to recovery, I’ve been drinking a lot of smoothies amped with Vega protein powders and eating Vega pancakes for breakfasts. I’m also doing a 30 day green smoothie challenge and trying to eat as many whole, natural, non-packaged foods as possible (per the usual).

I’m looking into hiring a holistic nutritionist to help me too, but the one I have my heart set on is a bit out of my price-range.

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Positivity and patience will be key, so I’m trying to find my zen. I believe that good nutrition and meaningful movement (like relaxing walks and yoga) will be so helpful. Yoga has been my church lately and I always feel so positive when I leave practice.

Many of you saw my slight mentioning of my weight and pant size in this post and this is all health-related problems. I’ve been told by my doctors that I may naturally restabilize and lose the weight if I’m patient and don’t stress my body out. Well, fingers crossed!

So there you have it! A big thank you to all of my loving readers for letting me get a bit more personal and long-winded today. And a big thank you to all of my family and friends who have been so supportive lately. Finally, thank you to Vega who has been super supportive of me lately! I really love using products that are made by a company with a true heart and soul.

3. Treats!!! 

Roasted Blueberries n Cream Popsicles 

Roasted-Blueberries-n-Cream-Popsicles 3


Berry Fizz Floats 


Berry Fizz Floats (treatswithatwist.com)


Strawberry Poppy Seed Crisp with Lavender Honey Cream 


Strawberry-Poppy-Seed-Crisp 4


Lavender Lemonade 


Lavender Lemonade (treatswithatwist.com)


Citrus Fizz Cocktail 


Citrus-Fizz1 - 2



Happy Fourth of July! Have an extra treat for me, mmmkay? 

Fabulously Fit Friday

Fabulously Fit Friday new Saucony

As promised, I started the 8 week workout challenge (Bikini Series) and we are just finishing up week 3.

I’m really surprising myself because I’m finishing everyday’s challenges, almost to 100% completion. The only days I don’t do 100% are the days that I’ve substituted the cardio or toning for a comparable class at my gym. I’m having tons of fun and it gave me a great excuse to buy new running shoes and gym clothes (shopping score!).

I went to Fleet Feet and got fitted for new running shoes as soon as I got back from Colorado and realized that my shin splints were too much to bare anymore (um, and why should I??). So, off came the compression sleeves, and out came the new running shoes. Saucony’s are what I was fitted for, for the third year in a row. Must be keepers.

This week’s big challenges were waking up early and knocking out my workouts. I made a decision that I needed to stick with the early workouts, and complete either the toning or the cardio aspects of my daily challenge before getting ready for work, leaving me with only the other half to complete after work (or during work, depending on the challenge). Although the alarm is killing me in the morning, I feel so jazzed and hyped that I’m done with my workout and moments away from protein pancake bliss, all before my husband even gets out of bed in the morning. Go me.

My dog is more than happy to snuggle up against me as I try to do abs workouts at 6am, but she’s not so excited when she figures out that that morning isn’t my “walk the dog” portion of the workout. Poor her. She’ll be fine, she forgets the second I put food in her bowl.

My husband, out of worry that I’m over-working myself (I don’t believe that I am, so please don’t worry), came up with the kind suggestion of us having a date night on Wednesday nights after my Spin class. So far, date nights 1 and 2 have been us going out for a crazy decadent dessert and glass of wine (for me, for him it’s a beer or a whiskey) after the healthy dinner I prepare. If it comforts him to take me out for a swanky dessert, then by all means, please continue to comfort. Please and thank you. 

Balance. It’s all about balance. 

Fabulously Fit Friday and a Treadmill Workout

In case you hadn’t noticed, winter is still going on and a little rat named Phil totally sucks in my book. Because we all know that HE is the one to blame for all of this. 

I feel better knowing I have something to blame.

Let’s dive right in, shall we? I know I haven’t given you a workout in awhile, but I have a pretty golden one for you to try. Yes, I’ve done it (I’m not just making YOU workout, because that’s not cool). Yes, it’s sweaty. Yes, it’s fun (for those of you who think it’s fun to get all sweaty indoors…). 



Do it! Tell me when you do (you follow me on Twitter and Instagram and Facebook, right?). Can’t wait to see your glistening, smiling faces. (sorry I’m such a creeper!)


The Treats I made for you this week? Um, totally Olympic gold! Did I just say something is “gold” for the second time in one post? Thought so. 

I love love LOVE the Olympics and having Olympic, snowy, themed treats is totally my fav. So, you have to try my - 

Coconut Snowballs (which are gluten-free and adorable)


and my Powdered Sugar Donut Holes (which are also gluten-free and also adorable). You’re welcome! 




Fabulously Fit Friday


Don’t you hate it when you get bored at the gym? You’re four weeks into your new workout plan (or maybe two…or maybe six…), you’re feeling good, then you go to the gym to bust it out and…

Blah! You can’t do it. Because you just don’t want to do it again! You are SO bored!

We all know that it takes 4-8 weeks to start seeing results from a new workout plan, so it’s hard to stick with something once you get the boredom bug. How do we bust through it?

First of all, it’s OKAY to stray from your workout plan. Just because you wrote it on paper (or a trainer did) doesn’t mean that straying from it will automatically undo everything you’ve worked for. Nope. Not even close. 

Here’s what I do, and here’s what you’re going to do. 

1. Download a new CD. You’re worth it. Just do it. It’ll set you back $8-$12 which is like 2 Starbucks lattes, so just do it. (I’ll do it with you, and I choose…Gavin DeGraw’s “Make a Move” album)
Now, I say download a whole CD, and not an upbeat playlist you’ve put together for a reason! CDs are riddled with a variety of music; some upbeat songs, some ballads. We’re going to need this variety for our boredom-busting workout.
Another reason I say to download a whole CD is that you don’t know all the songs! This will be very important. You’ll have to listen to the beat, be surprised. When you know all the songs on your playlist you’re more likely to want to skip a few songs or get bored and checkout early because you know what the rest of it is going to sound like. 

2. Get on the treadmill or on a stationary bike (we all know it’s too cold outside to even pretend like we’re working out outside). Ready? 

3. Run/bike WITH the music. You’ll be essentially doing intervals. You’ll “run it out” during the fast choruses, slow down for the versus, jog at a steady pace during the ballads. You’ll need to change your pace and your “sprints” during every single song. 

This works! Why?? Well, you’re keeping things interesting! You’re getting to know new music! You’re continuously working and guessing what is going to come next. You’re sweating and having fun. You’re BUSTING THE BOREDOM! 

Good luck! You got this!

Oh, and my new CD?! It’s a great one! I highly recommend it! 


Treats from the week: 

Pomegranate Cheesecake Crepes:


Cashew Cake with Lemon Curd: 


Fabulously Fit Friday

running shoes

Let’s talk about goals!

Goals…resolutions…ideas of grandeur…all good stuff!

Whether you are years deep into your health and fitness journey or you happened to just start 17 days ago, we all have goals.

I know and you know that there are good ways to go about making goals. You’ve heard them a thousand times: be specific, make them measurable, make them realistic, have smaller goals inside larger goals, yada yada yada.

I think the hard thing, is dealing with stumbles on your way to accomplishing these goals.

We all stumble, we all stub our toes. When it comes to tripping up on the way to accomplishing a goal, it’s how you react that makes all the difference. I want you to remember one thing: YOU HAVE NOT FAILED.

Did you make a goal to workout 4 times a week, and you only could fit in 3 workouts this week? YOU DID NOT FAIL. Look at what you did! You worked out 3 times! That’s amazing! Next week, work out 4 times, like you planned.

Don’t throw in the towel. And please, please don’t call it “starting over.”

Starting over indicates you failed. Instead, MOVE FORWARD.

Did you make a goal to only have dessert 2 days a week, yet you just ate three chocolate chip cookies right out of the oven and you already had your 2 dessert days? YOU DID NOT FAIL. You DON’T need to START OVER. You need to MOVE FORWARD. There’s no sense in beating yourself up! Did you enjoy the cookies? Were they warm, sweet and utterly satisfying? I bet they were! That’s awesome! Move on to your next, healthy meal and keep looking forward.

If you say you have to “start over” then you get in the habit of punishing yourself and throwing in the towel. That’s silly. You’re striving for a healthier, more balanced life so you can live a happier, fuller life and if you start that by beating yourself up and pointing out all of your shortcomings, that doesn’t sound like you’re living a happier life.

Just think about it. Would you tell your own child that because they got one math problem wrong, they should bomb the rest of the test? Or not do any of their homework until tomorrow? Didn’t think so.

So I want you to stay motivated. Re-evaluate your goals every 4-6 weeks. Are they working for you? Are they realistic? Do you still enjoy working towards them (I know working out isn’t always rainbows and glitter but I bet you feel proud after its over)? If you need to, re-work your goals. Or if you’ve accomplished your goals (yay!), make another one and keep going.

You’re taking 2014 by storm! I’ll be your cheering section! Yayyyy you!!!