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Fabulously Fit Friday and a Treadmill Workout

In case you hadn’t noticed, winter is still going on and a little rat named Phil totally sucks in my book. Because we all know that HE is the one to blame for all of this. 

I feel better knowing I have something to blame.

Let’s dive right in, shall we? I know I haven’t given you a workout in awhile, but I have a pretty golden one for you to try. Yes, I’ve done it (I’m not just making YOU workout, because that’s not cool). Yes, it’s sweaty. Yes, it’s fun (for those of you who think it’s fun to get all sweaty indoors…). 



Do it! Tell me when you do (you follow me on Twitter and Instagram and Facebook, right?). Can’t wait to see your glistening, smiling faces. (sorry I’m such a creeper!)


The Treats I made for you this week? Um, totally Olympic gold! Did I just say something is “gold” for the second time in one post? Thought so. 

I love love LOVE the Olympics and having Olympic, snowy, themed treats is totally my fav. So, you have to try my - 

Coconut Snowballs (which are gluten-free and adorable)


and my Powdered Sugar Donut Holes (which are also gluten-free and also adorable). You’re welcome! 




Fabulously Fit Friday

Don’t you hate it when you get bored at the gym? You’re four weeks into your new workout plan (or maybe two…or maybe six…), you’re feeling good, then you go to the gym to bust it out and… Blah! You can’t do it. Because you just don’t want to do it again! You are SOContinue Reading

Fabulously Fit Friday

Fabulously Fit Friday

Let’s talk about goals! Goals…resolutions…ideas of grandeur…all good stuff! Whether you are years deep into your health and fitness journey or you happened to just start 17 days ago, we all have goals. I know and you know that there are good ways to go about making goals. You’ve heard them a thousand times: beContinue Reading

Fabulously Fit Christmas

I hope you all enjoyed your Christmas! I’m still in the midst of making wonderful Christmas memories with my family and I hope you are too (or at least I hope you’re still enjoying left-overs of some sort).  In case you missed it, or because you may need it, here are a couple workouts toContinue Reading

A Merry Christmas Eve Workout

A Merry Christmas Eve Workout

I know you’re rolling around in a Christmas Cookie coma… so I have a quick workout for you. Enjoy your family time and know that you already have this sweat-fest behind you.  I completed the run portions on an Elliptical because it’s beautiful and snowy outside. Just make it work for you.  Merry Christmas Eve! Continue Reading