Roasted Strawberry Honey Galette

My Roasted Strawberry Honey Galette is the grown-up version of those traditional fresh strawberry pies. This galette is SO simple to make, gluten free, sweet from beautiful strawberries, and will have you making pie all summer long.

Roasted Strawberry Honey Pie //  

I’m getting really excited about the Fourth of July and all of the amazing berries that are popping up! My husband and I have some out-of-the-ordinary plans for this holiday weekend, because our first plans fell through.

We really wanted to spend the holiday with his family, at the lake, and see tons of friends and have a great time (ie he wanted to drink a lot and I wanted to eat a lot). But, because the dog boarding place we use was full, we’re homebound for the holiday. Instead, we’re planning on painting our nursery!

I’m really excited and only slightly nervous about painting the nursery. We’ve lived in our home for a good 9 months now, but we honestly have done NOTHING to it. We have all of these painting and construction plans, yet nothing has actually been executed. I feel like this room will be like breaking ground. And it’ll snowball after that…

Well, let’s be honest. We’ll probably paint the nursery, my husband will swear he’s never painting again, and I’ll start painting every room when he leaves on his next business trip. I’ll snowball.

Roasted Strawberry Honey Galette 4

Anyways! Back to PIE. Because that’s why you’re here. I’ve gone back to my trusty, favorite gluten free Buckwheat Crust recipe! I used this crust for Rhubarb Pies and for a tasty Apple Galette during the winter. But this time, I’ve stuffed it full of juicy strawberries, drizzled the whole thing with honey, and baked it off. Top it with lots of whipped cream and you’ll absolutely LOVE the results.

Roasted Strawberry Honey Galette 2

The crust is SO simple to make and I tend to just use my hands to mix the whole thing together (breaking up the butter with my fingers and everything). The result is a tender crumb crust that’s hearty and tastes amazing.

Because I hate dealing with pie plates (though I own some gorgeous ones), I’ve tended towards Galettes. They’re so SO simple. You basically roll out the dough (pinch it together where it cracks), pile on your fruit, fold up the sides and you’re done! No scary borders or uneven edges. Nobody cares that it’s “ugly” because you call it “rustic.”

Roasted Strawberry Honey Galette 1

So, yes, you CAN make pie. Let’s just call it a Galette. Yum. 

Roasted Strawberry Honey Galette
My Roasted Strawberry Honey Galette is the grown-up version of those traditional fresh strawberry pies. This galette is SO simple to make, gluten free, sweet from beautiful strawberries, and will have you making pie all summer long. (makes one 9-10" galette)
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  1. 1 recipe for Buckwheat Crust (linked in narrative above and below)
  2. 1 egg
  3. 1-2 Tbs. sparkling sugar
  4. 2-3 cups ripe strawberries, halved
  5. 1 Tbs. honey
  6. whipped cream, for serving
  1. Preheat your oven to 350 degrees F.
  2. After you’ve made your Buckwheat Crust dough and let it rest in the fridge for several hours or overnight, lay out a piece of parchment and sprinkle with cornstarch or rice flour. Carefully roll out your dough into a generally even circle (Gluten free crust can be crumbly, so if you need to dampen your fingers and pinch some spots back together, no worries. Just be patient, it’ll get there!).
  3. Pile your halved strawberries in the middle of the pie crust, leaving a 2” free border of crust. Use the parchment, lifting it and carefully folding up the crust sides, pressing it around, until you’ve worked around the pie and have the border folded up the edge of the strawberries (If you try to just lift the pie crust it is probably going to be more frustrating, but if you use the parchment to lift the sides and press then it’s easier).
  4. Beat your egg in a small bowl. Use a pastry brush to carefully brush the outside of the crust and edges with a thin layer of egg. Sprinkle on sparkling sugar.
  5. Drizzle the honey over the top of just the strawberries.
  6. Carefully use your parchment to transfer the pie to a baking sheet (I basically place the baking sheet at the edge of the counter, and use the parchment to pull the whole thing onto the baking sheet). Bake for 45-60 minutes, until the strawberries have released juices, which are thick and bubbling at the bottom of the crust, and the crust is darkened and crisp.
  7. Let the pie cool completely before cutting and serving. Serve with fresh whipped cream.
  1. The finished pie can be kept, wrapped in plastic wrap, in the fridge, for 4-5 days (seriously, you can’t eat an entire galette in 4-5 days?!). Add whipped cream only before serving. You can also freeze the finished galette, but I’d recommend keeping it on a sturdy plate or something to prevent the bottom from cracking.
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Find/print the original recipe for the Buckwheat Crust here

The Buckwheat Flour I use. 

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Strawberry Lavender Honey Popsicles

My Strawberry Lavender Honey Popsicles are a naturally-sweet summertime treat! A few simple, delicious ingredients blend together for the most intensely delicious fruit popsicles you’ve ever had. You’ll never look at store-bought pops in the same way.

Strawberry Honey Lavender Popsicles //

After Monday’s Strawberry Cashew Smoothie, I decided to just carry the strawberry theme into the rest of the week. Plus, just one carton of strawberries made both recipes, so that was nice and tidy (and awfully tasty).

I have rarely bought popsicles since I started making my own. I love the variety I can get at home, versus the plain, boring flavors available in the stores (though, I do love a Rocket Pop, so sometimes you just have to go there). I will say, though, that when I was the most intensely sick during my first trimester of this pregnancy, I went through quite a few “all fruit” popsicles from a box.

My favorite all-fruit popsicles have always been those strawberry ones; the ones you know are just blended up strawberries! Those, though, tend to add sugar. And I’m just not that into that.

Strawberry Lavender Honey popsicles 1

So, for my Strawberry Lavender Honey Popsicles, the only sweetener is honey! And really, not too much for the entire batch, just enough to really bring out the sweetness of the strawberries. I also add a bit of dried lavender, which adds this amazing floral tone to the popsicles! You could try hibiscus and I’m sure it would be amazing.

Strawberry Honey Lavender Popsicles 2

My husband declared that they tasted like a Fruit Rollup…so, I’ll take that as a complete success. Though, I don’t really remember Fruit Rollups actually tasting like any kind of real fruit, but I’ll take the compliment nonetheless.

Strawberry Honey Lavender Popsicles 5

If you don’t have popsicle molds just yet, run out to a TJ Maxx or HomeGoods and you’ll probably find some there. In this post I point out which ones I own and I’ll say, I love pretty much any shape of mold.

Once you start making popsicles at home, you’ll find it hard to settle for the same-old variety in the stores. These Strawberry Lavender Honey Popsicles are sure to be a staple in our home this summer. 

Strawberry Honey Lavender Popsicles 3

Strawberry Lavender Honey Popsicles
My Strawberry Lavender Honey Popsicles are a naturally-sweet summertime treat! A few simple, delicious ingredients blend together for the most intensely delicious fruit popsicles you’ve ever had. You’ll never look at store-bought pops in the same way. (makes 4 popsicles)
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  1. 2 heaping cups strawberries, rinsed
  2. ¼ cup honey (choose local, raw)
  3. ¼ tsp. dried lavender
  4. ¼ cup filtered water
  1. Combine all of the ingredients in a blender. Blend until smooth.
  2. Pour into popsicle molds, insert sticks and freeze according to your mold's instructions (mine are just basic freezer molds and you should freeze for 8 hours or overnight).
  3. Run the mold under warm water for a few seconds to help un-mold the pops. Enjoy!
  1. Frozen popsicles can be kept in the freezer indefinitely, as long as they are sealed from air. I place un-molded popsicles in ziplock freezer bags.
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Mexican Hot Chocolate Popsicles


I’m so excited to bring you an easy treat for Cinco de Mayo! Mexcian Hot Chocolate Popsicles

  Mexican Hot Chocolate Popsicles //

I had concocted all of these elaborate Mexican chocolate desserts, and then when it came down to it, fudgsicles and popsicles were screaming louder than the rest. Popsicles are great because they’re always simple, sweet, and fun to eat. So, you can’t beat that.

If you like the whole “sweet then heat” you get from putting a pinch of cayenne into chocolate, then certainly do that here. I know it can be super trendy, but I’ve just never loved it. I don’t like sucking on chocolate and then wondering why my throat is on fire. Instead, I like just a bit of flavorful cinnamon in my chocolate to make it “Mexican.”

Mexican Hot Chocolate Popsicles 1

If you don’t own a popsicle mold yet, you definitely should. They range in price from a few bucks, to pretty darn expensive, depending on how “fancy” you want them to be. Some come in “instant freeze” packaging, but I have just the old fashioned “wait forever while freezing” variety. I’ve picked up a few different mold shapes over the years, but just remember, they all taste the same. I have these ones and these ones and love them.

Mexican Hot Chocolate Popsicles //

Mexican Hot Chocolate Popsicles 4

Mexican Hot Chocolate Popsicles 5

This recipe is super simple. If you like a creamier popsicle (fudgsicle, more like), then I’d use canned coconut milk. Because I was feeling lazy, I went with some unsweetened almond milk, which results in a bit icier popsicle. Either way, you get a great chocolate punch of flavor from real melted chocolate and a fun twist from the cinnamon. I think these are the perfect way to celebrate Cinco de Mayo…you know, until the margaritas are ready.  Mexican Hot Chocolate Popsicles 3

Mexican Hot Chocolate Popsicles
Mexican Hot Chocolate Popsicles are the perfect treat for Cinco de Mayo! Cinnamon spiked hot chocolate is frozen into popsicle molds, making it a fun, portable treat for the warmer months. (makes 5 popsicles)
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  1. 2 cups unsweetened almond milk (or coconut milk)
  2. ½ cup semisweet chocolate chips
  3. ¼ tsp. vanilla extract
  4. ½ tsp. cinnamon
  5. optional: pinch of cayenne pepper or chili pepper
  1. In a saucepan on the stovetop over medium-low heat or in a microwave-safe bowl, combine the unsweetened almond milk and the chocolate chips and stir until completely melted and combined together. Turn off the heat, add the vanilla and cinnamon (and chili if you’re using it). Whisk together.
  2. Pour the hot chocolate mixture into your popsicle molds (mine made 5 standard-sized popsicles). Freeze overnight. Un-mold, lick, enjoy!
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Roasted Blueberry Cheesecake Milkshake and a KitchenAid GIVEAWAY!

I have a really exciting recipe for a Roasted Blueberry Cheesecake Milkshake and GIVEAWAY of a KitchenAid Torrent Blender for you today!

Blueberry Cheesecake Milkshake //

I know you hear me say “put your ingredients in a high-powered blender…” a LOT and you may be thinking “ugh, totally don’t have one…skip!”

Well, I don’t want you to feel that way! I’ve teamed up with my friends at KitchenAid to show you their new Torrent Blender and let you win one!! Hooray!

Ok, so this blender is powered with the help of magnets! That’s pretty darn cool. It also means that if you have paperclips somewhere around your blender, you may want to check the bottom of the blender pitcher before you try to click it into place.

This blender may look huge, but it’s actually the same size of my Vitamix and Blendtec professional blenders and fits under the cabinets on my countertop. I think what makes it unique and striking, is that instead of a bulky BASE, this blender sits lower to the counter and the “base” is more of a complete wrap-around and the controls are on top. Ah ha! I really like this, because the blender doesn’t shake around and make you feel like it’s going to pop off the base when you walk away, because it’s 100% stable.

Blueberry Cheesecake Milkshake 1

I also love the wrap-around base because I feel like in the summertime, I’m going to use this blender a lot outside (hello, margaritas!) and this will keep the elements away.

Blueberry Cheesecake Milkshake 2

KitchenAid is really proud of this blender too, because it makes it easier for YOU to have a really cool, high-powered blender, with all of the bells and whistles (note: pre-set blending options are the bomb!) without totally breaking the bank! And on top of that, it comes in three beautiful colors: this bold Candy Apple Red, Onyx Black, and Sugar Pearl Silver.

Now! The recipe!

Blueberry Cheesecake Milkshake 3

Blueberry Cheesecake Milkshake //

Blueberry Cheesecake Milkshake 6

We’ve chatted Roasted Blueberries before. Remember my popsicles?! Yes. Roasting your blueberries makes them jammy and sweet without a ton of sugar. The flavor is rich and intense, versus using a ton more fruit and getting less flavor, or using blueberry jam which is riddled with sugar (NOTE: if you’re low on time though, it’s perfectly fine to not roast your blueberries and just add more sugar to your milkshake, or use a few Tablespoons of blueberry jam).

I’m using my trusty blender ice cream trick, using frozen coconut milk cubes versus ice cream. Using canned coconut milk and freezing it into an ice cube tray lets you have that smooth, creamy “ice cream” texture without all of the extra sugar and I love that.

If you’re a Bluebery Cheesecake lover, my Roasted Blueberry Cheesecake Milkshake will knock your socks off. And you’ll find it perhaps a bit too easy to be making homemade milkshakes every night at home. 

Blueberry Cheesecake Milkshake 5

Roasted Blueberry Cheesecake Milkshake
My Roasted Blueberry Cheesecake Milkshake is the ultimate creamy summer treat! Made with coconut milk frozen in ice cube trays instead of ice cream, this shake has a lot less sugar and has fewer unknown ingredients than your typical milkshake. Roasted Blueberries add an intense, jammy, sweet flavor that you'll be craving again and again. (makes 2 portions)
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  1. 1 cup blueberries
  2. 1 Tbs. coconut sugar (or raw sugar)
  3. 1 can coconut milk (unsweetened, original or light)
  4. ¼ cup cottage cheese
  5. 2 Tbs. cream cheese
  6. 2 Tbs. maple syrup (or agave, or coconut sugar)
  1. Pour the can of coconut milk into a jar with a lid. Shake until completely smooth. Pour the coconut milk into an ice cube tray (you’ll have about ½ cup leftover) and freeze the ice cubes until frozen (4-6 hours or overnight). Refrigerate the extra coconut milk.
  2. Preheat your oven to 375 degrees F. Spray a small baking dish with nonstick spray. Combine the blueberries and coconut sugar in the dish. Roast for 20-30 minutes, until juices are released and are bubbly. Let the roasted blueberries cool (they’ll get “jammy”). You can place them in the fridge until you’re ready to make your milkshake.
  3. In your high-powered blender, combine the roasted blueberries, coconut milk cubes, cottage cheese, cream cheese, and maple syrup. Add ¼ cup of the reserved coconut milk too.
  4. Select the “icy drinks” or “smoothies” setting on your blender and let blend. If the blender pauses because it needs more liquid, carefully add more of the reserved coconut milk through the top of the blender. If needed, pause the blades and scape it down and then continue to blend. [If your blender doesn’t have preset settings, you’ll want to start on low speed and then adjust to a medium to high speed until the milkshake is completely smooth.]
  5. When your milkshake is completely smooth, stop and taste it. If you’d like it more sweet, add a bit more maple syrup. If you want a stronger “cheesecake” taste, add 2 more Tbs of cream cheese! Finish blending. Pour, enjoy!
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For the giveaway! Fill out the Rafflecopter. This giveaway is open to US residents only (sorry peeps!). I will verify entries, so please, no fibbing. The giveaway winner will be notified via email and must respond within 48 hours to claim his/her prize. Winner will be able to choose the color of his/her blender. Good luck!

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Note: This is not a sponsored post and all opinions are my own. The giveaway is being provided by KitchenAid and the blender will be shipped directly to the winner from them. 

Rocky Road Coconut Milk Ice Cream

Rocky Road Coconut Milk Ice Cream will be your new sunny day favorite! It’s full of squishy marshmallows, nutty pecans and delicious chocolate. Plus, it’s all dairy free and you don’t need an ice cream maker!

Rocky Road Coconut Milk Ice Cream //

Not to brag, but I had the best weekend EVER!

My husband and I were both in great moods, the weather was B-E-utiful, and I lived off of Rice Chex and ice cream. Whoot whoot!

And I’m in total summer and birthday mode, despite the incoming rain and birthdays being SO spaced out. Nonetheless, here comes the ice cream! Cake is coming at ya later this week.

I couldn’t help but want to use up my Malvi marshmallows in the sweetest way possible. And when it comes to mallows and ice cream, you gotta go with Rocky Road!

Before you say anything, yes I realize that Rocky Road is almonds and mallows, but I didn’t have almonds, and decided to be resourceful and fancy pants with toasted pecans instead. Total win!

I used the same technique that I used for my Pistachio Chocolate Chip Coconut Milk Ice Cream, using my Blendtec blender.

You don’t need a Blendtec, but this machine is my baby and I lovvvveee it. I have a Vitamix too and several other options and could talk about blenders for days with you! Super helpful hint: if you’re wanting an amazing blender, but for a bit less, try looking at their refurbished models. They are cheaper but the same quality, they’ve just been previously loved! Enough of the shopping rant now.

Rocky Road Coconut Milk Ice Cream 3

Rocky Road Coconut Milk Ice Cream 4

I use these for ice cream containers. 

This ice cream will be your new sunny day favorite! It’s creamy, sweet, chocolatey, nutty and mallowy, and dairy free! 

Rocky Road Coconut Milk Ice Cream //

Rocky Road Coconut Milk Ice Cream 5

Rocky Road Coconut Milk Ice Cream
Rocky Road Coconut Milk Ice Cream will be your new sunny day favorite! It's full of squishy marshmallows, nutty pecans and delicious chocolate. Plus, it's all dairy free and you don't need an ice cream maker! (makes 1 pint)
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  1. 1 can coconut milk (full fat)
  2. 1/3 cup coconut sugar
  3. 2 Tbs. cocoa powder
  4. 1 ½ tsp. vanilla extract
  5. small pinch sea salt
  6. ½ tsp. vodka
  7. ¼ cup small marshmallows*
  8. 1/3 cup toasted pecans or almonds, chopped
  1. PREP: shake your coconut milk can and pour it into a standard ice cube tray (you’ll have some leftover in the can). Freeze completely (and refrigerate the leftover).
  2. In a high-powered blender, combine the coconut milk cubes, coconut sugar, and 1-2 Tbs of the leftover coconut milk. Select the “ice cream” setting (or use your blender manual to look up how to manually blend ice cream, which should be very high power for around 40 sec). Afer the ice cream is blended (you may have to scrape down the sides, but resist adding more liquid, trying to make the ice cream as thick as possible). Then, add the cocoa, vanilla, sea salt and vodka and blend completely and quickly. The vodka keeps the ice cream scoopable, so try not to leave it out.
  3. Stir in the marshmallows and chopped nuts. Pour into a freezer container and freeze for a few hours, or until more solid and you’re ready to serve. Scoop and enjoy!
  1. *I used small square Malvi marshmallows, which I cut into quarters.
  2. Marshmallows will float to the top if your ice cream base is thin, so you may need to freeze your ice cream for a couple hours, take it out and stir it around to disperse the marshmallows better, then freeze it more.
  3. I used a Blendtec for this recipe, but I also own a Vitamix that I love and use too. If you have a blender question, just let me know.
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This is not a sponsored post. I am a Blendtec affiliate but opinions are my own about my blenders. If you purchase a Blendtec using my link in this post or on my sidebar, you’ll receive Free Shipping.