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Candied Citrus Slices and a Citrus Fizz Cocktail

Candied Citrus Slices and a Citrus Fizz Cocktail

Simple, sweet and colorful Candied Citrus Slices and a recipe for a Citrus Fizz Cocktail to kick off these sunny Spring days! 

Citrus-Fizz1 - 2

I was flipping through magazines and noticing that there was a SURGE of candied citrus everywhere. Citrus slices, citrus peel, whole kumquats…everywhere. They were garnishing every cake, pound cake, oatmeal bowl, yogurt parfait, and cocktail. 

Needless to say, I wanted in. Especially because I’ve always loved those sugar covered citrus slices you can get from the bins in the massive candy stores. Gold. 

So, I busted out my KitchenAid Food Processor, made a million citrus slices in like 2 seconds flat, then candied them! Candied Citrus Slices, done. And…

Candied-Citrus1 - 2

The boiling liquid resulted in the means to an easy Citrus Fizz Cocktail! Double points. (What do all of these points mean?! I don’t know. I’m sorry. But aren’t you glad you have them?)

Candied-Citrus2 - 2

Ok, so head over to KitchenAid’s blog, Kitchenthusiast, to find the recipes and brighten your Spring! Yum. 

Candied-Citrus3 - 2


Citrus-Fizz3 - 2



Disclaimer: In case you couldn’t tell, this was a post sponsored by KitchenAid and Kitchenthusiast. All opinions, recipes, and photos are my own, they were just funded by KitchenAid. Good stuff. 


Total side note (i.e. totally random and has nothing to do with my post today) – you may not know this, but I live in an apartment. I’m not accusing anyone of anything…but I can totally tell that my neighbor is smoking pot because now it’s wafting through my vents at random hours (ugh, nasty)…and at this very moment, although it doesn’t smell like skunk I can now tell that they are making mass amounts of blue box mac n’ cheese. I have a sensitive nose. And they are apparently hungry. Time to move. 

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