Sweet treats from breakfast to dessert, with a healthy twist.

March Favorites – Hello April!

Hello April! And no, I don’t mean TMNT‘s April. Get it? Got it? Good.  Although I never participate in April Fool’s Day, I do enjoy finding people’s clever online pranks. I love a good satire or hoax from a company I shop from. Did you see any good ones yesterday? One of my favorites wasContinue Reading

Blueberry Cereal Crispie Bars

Blueberry Cereal Crispie Bars are like Rice Krispie Treats but ten thousand times better! Four different kinds of cereal combine with freeze dried blueberries for the ultimate treat.    So I had this brilliant idea… I’d basically make Rice Krispie Treats… But I’d put in all of my favorite cereals. Lots of cereals.  And blueberries.Continue Reading

Board Butter

Board Butter is the moisturizer your cutting boards and wooden utensils have been thirsting for. Use Board Butter every month to keep your kitchen utensils in like-new condition.    I never realized that I was supposed to moisturize my cutting boards, wooden spoons, and spatula handles until I got a shiny new cutting board after ourContinue Reading

His Best Chocolate Chunk Cookies (Gluten Free)

I made what has been dubbed scientifically the “best chocolate chip cookies”, which are in fact  Chocolate Chunk Cookies, and I’ve made them gluten-free.    Don’t worry. I HATE when people say things are “the best” just to get attention. It really grinds my gears. Peter, anyone? Anyone? Anyways. So I read this impossibly longContinue Reading

Sprinkles of Real Life – Busting Through

Disclaimer – this post is a bit revealing.  {via} Busting Through a SAD Winter… I’ve never spoken to a person with official authority over these feelings or anything, but I know myself well enough to know that I get depressed during the winter. I become an even more reclusive and sorry version of myself. WhatContinue Reading