Rich Chocolate Sorbet

When I went and stayed for the evening with a dear friend of mine, we went on a food adventure.

We used to be roommates in college and have remained close ever since. She is one of the bridesmaids in my upcoming wedding. Friends like those are few and far between. Especially when they can relate to their very soul with your love of diverse foods.

So, when I emailed her to tell her I’d love for us to get together, and that I’d be more than willing to hit the highway and show up on her doorstep just to make it happen, we both knew that our trip had to be all about food. She told me she had a vegan ice cream spot that I just had to try. Who could possibly pass that up?


And let me tell you, this ice cream was amazing! Seriously, I was blown away. We both got the chocolate sorbet, and I had mine topped with toasted coconut while she had hers drizzled with berry sauce!

Ever since that sorbet, I knew I had to try to make it!


And boy did I ever! My Rich Chocolate Sorbet is just that, RICH! It’s like a dark, fudgey brownie in ice cream form! It is SO easy to make and I love that it stays scoopable after freezing (no bricks waiting to thaw here).

A word of advise on the chocolate: use the BEST chocolate you have. This sorbet is all about the chocolate and decadence, and you should only use cocoa and chocolate that you absolutely love. You’re worth it.

Dare I say, you only need a very small bowl to be satisfied! But you definitely need it.


Rich Chocolate Sorbet
(makes 2 pints)

2 ¼ cups water

1 cup sugar (I used ½ cup coconut sugar + ½ cup granulated sugar)

¾ cup unsweetened cocoa powder (I used Guittard Cocoa Rouge)

pinch of salt (Kosher)

¾ cup semisweet chocolate chips (I used Guittard)

½ tsp. vanilla extract (I used Trader Joe’s Bourbon Vanilla Extract)

~In a large saucepan, whisk together 1 ½ cups of the water, the sugar, cocoa powder and salt. Bring it to a boil then whisk continuously for an additional 45 seconds. (If you don’t whisk, it’ll boil over and scorch the cocoa)

~Remove the pan from the heat and whisk in the chocolate chips until they’re smooth. Then, add the rest of the water and the vanilla extract and whisk together.

~Cool the mixture completely (I like to pour it into a gallon-sized freezer bag, zip it closed, then immerse it in ice water. Continue to add ice to the water until the mixture is completely cooled; approximately 1 hour).

~Freeze the mixture in your ice cream maker, according to the instructions. I have a Cuisinart ice cream maker and it took almost 30 minutes to churn. The sorbet is done when it appears thick and pulls away from the sides as it churns. Transfer the sorbet into freezer containers (I use these) and store in the freezer until you’re ready to serve it. I enjoyed mine topped with cacao nibs. Enjoy!

Recipe adapted from David Lebovitz’s Chocolate Sorbet

Note: I am not sponsored by any of the products listed in this post. I personally used them and prefer them, but that is just my opinion.  

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      Total deal! I’ve always wanted a bread maker…even though I don’t actually eat bread…unless it’s fresh and really worth it (which yours probably would be!)!
      Vegan ice cream: Green Corner Store in LR AR!