Everything Bagel Seasoning

So I just watched Argo. Yes, I’m behind, pop-culturally. But the point is, my fiancé and I rented it and finally saw it! I loved it and I was on edge the whole time.

It was totally the kind of movie my dad would love. And I just love when I’m watching a movie, and I think, “Wow! My dad would love this.”


Kind of like when I saw Jessica post a recipe for Everything White Bean Hummus. Totally reminded me of my dad. Because my dad appreciates a good bagel. And “everything” bagels just happen to be the best kind.


I love all the seeds and the garlic and onion punch. I just happen to be one of those women who ogles bagels but never eats them. I would buy one for my dad though. If we lived anywhere near each other.

But the seasoning is the key! So I think this is the perfect way to celebrate Father’s Day. It’s not sweet (I’ve made him plenty of cookies). It’s simple (dads don’t like fussy gifts). And it makes me think of him, so it’s perfect.


Plus, it tastes amazing! Seriously. I’ve been using those little Laughing Cow wedges on savory crackers or rice cakes, then sprinkling (dousing) the seasoning on top! It’s even amazing on veggies…and eggs…and hummus…and my fingers…

So Happy Father’s Day dad! Here’s some love. Because I love you.


“Everything” Bagel Seasoning 

2 Tbs. dried minced onion

2 Tbs. black sesame seeds (or toasted white sesame seeds)

1 Tbs. poppy seeds

1 Tbs. dried minced garlic

½ tsp. kosher (coarse) salt

¼ tsp. ground black pepper

~Mix all ingredients together. Keep in an airtight container. Sprinkle on anything and everything.

Recipe adapted from How Sweet Eats

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