Lemon Coconut Cream Stack Cake


What flavors make you think of summer?

From berries to grilled food, summer has the best flavors, right?

But nothing is more summery than coconut. And lemon.

For a really simple yet impressive summer dessert, you have to make my Lemon Coconut Cream Stack Cake. I made another stack cake not that long ago, and it inspired me to make this one!

Please jump over to the new KitchenAid blog, Kitchenthusiast, where my recipe is published! And give it lots of love, because I love KitchenAid, and YOU love KitchenAid and wouldn’t we all love it if I could work with them again? Yes!


Note: I was compensated for my recipe and post by KitchenAid; all of the opinions are my own. The recipe, pictures, and brilliance are all mine!

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