His Best Chocolate Chunk Cookies (Gluten Free)

I made what has been dubbed scientifically the “best chocolate chip cookies”, which are in fact  Chocolate Chunk Cookies, and I’ve made them gluten-free. 

Chocolate-Chunk-Cookies 3


Don’t worry. I HATE when people say things are “the best” just to get attention. It really grinds my gears. Peter, anyone? Anyone?

Anyways. So I read this impossibly long article from Kenji in The Food Lab on the bajillions of cookies he made, constantly adjusting the ratios of this and that to make them “perfect” by his standards. 

Chocolate chip cookies are personal. Yes, personal. You can’t tell me that a crispy cookie lover is going to agree with a fluffy cookie lover that one single recipe is the “best ever.” Yeah, not gonna happen. I’m pretty sure those with a passion for pizza could tell you how that fight plays out. Not pretty. 

Chocolate-Chunk-Cookies 1

You see, I already know that my favorite cookies are my mom’s. She’ll probably laugh when she sees this but its true. They’re the best in the whole wide world. The recipe is printed on every Nestle chocolate chip bag in the world, yet when she makes them, they turn out 100% different than when I make them. She has the magic touch. And so I never make chocolate chip cookies. Ever. Just no point. 

Chocolate-Chunk-Cookies 1

But, that being said, now there’s no reason not to make other people’s declared “best cookies,” right? See what they are blabbing about? 

Anyways, so Kenji made all these cookies and came up with a killer recipe. I’ve followed it exactly. I practically have to hold my breath while I bake and follow a recipe because I’m SO tempted to change things. But I didn’t. I followed his to a T. Except…I made mine gluten-free. Which is why I’m not going to include the recipe here, just links. Because he already made them perfect. And I made them just like he did. 

Chocolate-Chunk-Cookies 3

So if you want them gluten free, I substituted the 2 cups of all purpose flour for 2 cups of gluten-free all purpose flour MINUS 2 Tbs. I then added 3 Tbs. of corn starch. This helped the cookies bind and kept them crisp yet chewy. Seriously, ALL THE TEXTURES. 

Chocolate-Chunk-Cookies 2

I hope you make these and try them! The instructions may sound intimidating, but seriously once you start making them, they’re really easy. Totally easy. And the hardest part is just waiting while the dough sets. Gah, that’s the worst! But totally worth it. 

And seriously, I can say without a doubt that these were the BEST gluten-free chocolate chunk cookies I have ever had! They were so full of chocolate. I used one of those big Trader Joe’s chocolate bars of 70% chocolate (the pounder bar!) to chunk up chocolate…best melty pools of chocolate ever. And I used a sea salt grinder to top each cookie with sea salt right when they came out of the oven and it added the perfect balancing bite to the cookies. SO good.

Chocolate-Chunk-Cookies 4

I can’t even describe how incredible these cookies are. You have to make them. Ok? At least make them to compare them to your favorite cookie and do a little taste test. You won’t regret it. Who ever regretted a batch of cookies?! Craziness. 


This is not a sponsored post. Any products mentioned were mentioned organically and all opinions are my own. 

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