Fabulously Fit Friday

1. Happy Fourth of July!! I’ll include some fabulously festive treats at the end of this post. But because we haven’t caught up fitness-wise in awhile, lets start there.

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2. I completed the 8 week Bikini Series by Tone it Up a couple weeks ago. Did I notice a change in my body? Honestly, no. Did I notice a change in myself? Yes! I’ve found out that for the time-being, I like waking up and working out in the mornings. And I now know that workouts CAN be short, cun and effective. I don’t need to dread and drudge to the gym. I can pull out my mat and some weights and whip out a 12 minute video workout (is it still called a “video”?) and be done before I know it! All while watching two gorgeous trainers giggle and prance on the beach.

What now? Honestly its time for a break. And I’m talking a real, strict break.

Let’s get personal.

I’ve been going through some private health problems for awhile and more and more so lately and I need to fix those. All of my workouts have been a nice distraction, but they’ve been putting my body through a lot of stress and its time to listen.

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Last week was my first week off. I limited myself to 30 minute walks and 2 yoga classes for the week. Was it hard? Yes! (Do I like asking  myself questions then promptly answering them? Yes!) I found myself thinking, “Oh! I should go lift weights because that would be fun!” or “There was an intense looking class before my yoga class! Maybe I should come an hour early next time and do that too!” or my favorite “my friend just started a diet and I should try it with her ‘for fun’”… But, as a wise friend once told me (this morning), I need to focus on ME and MY goals; this is all for the best.

To fuel my road to recovery, I’ve been drinking a lot of smoothies amped with Vega protein powders and eating Vega pancakes for breakfasts. I’m also doing a 30 day green smoothie challenge and trying to eat as many whole, natural, non-packaged foods as possible (per the usual).

I’m looking into hiring a holistic nutritionist to help me too, but the one I have my heart set on is a bit out of my price-range.

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Positivity and patience will be key, so I’m trying to find my zen. I believe that good nutrition and meaningful movement (like relaxing walks and yoga) will be so helpful. Yoga has been my church lately and I always feel so positive when I leave practice.

Many of you saw my slight mentioning of my weight and pant size in this post and this is all health-related problems. I’ve been told by my doctors that I may naturally restabilize and lose the weight if I’m patient and don’t stress my body out. Well, fingers crossed!

So there you have it! A big thank you to all of my loving readers for letting me get a bit more personal and long-winded today. And a big thank you to all of my family and friends who have been so supportive lately. Finally, thank you to Vega who has been super supportive of me lately! I really love using products that are made by a company with a true heart and soul.

3. Treats!!! 

Roasted Blueberries n Cream Popsicles 

Roasted-Blueberries-n-Cream-Popsicles 3


Berry Fizz Floats 


Berry Fizz Floats (treatswithatwist.com)


Strawberry Poppy Seed Crisp with Lavender Honey Cream 


Strawberry-Poppy-Seed-Crisp 4


Lavender Lemonade 


Lavender Lemonade (treatswithatwist.com)


Citrus Fizz Cocktail 


Citrus-Fizz1 - 2



Happy Fourth of July! Have an extra treat for me, mmmkay? 

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